Relationships: Seriously, Why Can't Men Read Our Minds Already?


Five of our YourTango Experts explain how differently men and women think.

When it comes to what women want in relationships, men (no offense, guys) seem pretty clueless. Why can't they understand women and are women expecting too much of their boyfriends and husbands?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns to YourTango Experts Kavita Patel, Carmelia Ray, Barbara Becker Holstein and Ronnie Ann Ryan to explain how to reconcile these differences.

"There's something within us that we want that to be understood so profoundly and so completely," Barbara Becker Holstein says. "It will not happen. We have to be very explicit."

"Women like to express themselves," Carmelia Ray says. "They communicate their feelings and guys aren't great at that. So they expect them to know exactly what they're feeling and exactly what to get them."

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