Love Bytes: How To Land A Friends With Benefits Deal

friends with benefits

Plus, 7 amazing date night meals.

There are many, many white whales in the American romantic milieu. And there are just as many chubby chasers. However, the real rarity is the truly strings-free friends with benefits (aka FWB) arrangement. Find out how to start one of your own. (BroBible)

A decent caboose and a mouthful of straight teeth? What guys really look for in girls. (ANewMode)

After exchanging numbers, should a lady ever text the guy first? (Gurl.com)

Does yo-yo dating (on-and-off relationship) mean you two are meant to be? (ANewMode)

Outside of keeping sweat from your peepers, eyebrows are really important for not looking weird. Will Rogaine grow them back? (TheGloss)

It's not all turkey jerky and donuts in the microwave … 7 incredible date night meals. (WetPaint)

Really going out on a limb here … why men should pay for the first date. (TheStir)

Why Michael Douglas's cunnilingus-related cancer should make you think about buy stock in dental dams. Or only doing hand stuff from now on. (TheDailyBeast)

You and I know that biting people on the keister should ONLY be done out of love. But try telling a guy from Florida that. (HuffingtonPost)

Please don't let it be "pull the goalie"? What should you do with a commitment-phobe boyfriend. (College Candy)

It's not that it ends in a wedding? The stupidest bachelorette party traditions. (TruTv)

And it's not "freedom smooching"? The French finally have a name for tongue kissing. (The Frisky)

Rich women: if you're looking to meet men looking to meet rich women, here are a few places you may want to frequent. (ModernMan)

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