The 'Taylor Swift Syndrome': Do You Get Too Close Too Fast?

Taylor Swift Syndrome: Do You Get Too Close Too Fast?

Our relationship expert Charles J. Orlando explains why you're having a hard time getting over him.

In our Facebook Takeover with Charles J. Orlando, YourTango expert and author of The Problem With Women ... Is Men, many of you asked him about the confusing behavior your crushes, boyfriends and even husbands display.

From why he stopped calling to why he keeps brings up his exes, you brought up many relatable scenarios. One familar one that stuck out to us? Why you can't get over him. 

YourTango user Maggie37 askedWhat's the best way to get over someone in your opinion? I feel like it takes me a remarkably long time to get over people  even ones I haven't dated for long. I try to keep myself busy but they still keep popping up in mind because I'm not satisifed with how things ended.

Charles diagnosed the problem: A classic case of the Taylor Swift Syndrome.

Plenty joke about Taylor Swift's love life — it feels like she's always either jumping into a new relationship or releasing another breakup song. But the truth is, many of us have become emotionally invested in a relationship too quickly at one point or another ... though with much less famous guys.

Charles explained, "The real issue here sounds like you are giving up too much of your self/individuality. Then, if/when the relationship ends, you "lose" that piece of yourself and have to rebuild it." Sound familiar?

So what do you do? Charles' best advice: "Take your time. Allow the relationship to unfold slowly. No push, no rush... just let things do what they do.. and let them contribute to the relationship without you doing everything."

See more of Charles' dating advice on his website and Facebook page.

What about you? Can you relate to the Taylor Swift Syndrome? Do you get emotionally invested too quickly? 

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