Unlikely Love Inspiration From The 2013 Oscars Nominees

The 2013 Oscars Bradley Cooper

What this year's best movies can teach us about love.

Sure, there weren't a whole lot of romantic comedies or sweet movies of quick and simple boy-meets-girl tales this past year, but there was plenty of love.

Take a glance at some of these unlikely love stories that will not only make you shed a tear for romance, but also smile for their successes.

This acclaimed French-language drama revolves around the relationship between an elderly woman suffers a stroke that paralyzes half of her body, and her husband who must care for her while his heart breaks from watching his beloved wife's condition slowly deteriorate. Emmanuelle Riva, who is now the oldest woman to be nominated for the Best Actress category at the Oscars, plays Anne, while Jean-Louis Trintignant plays her spouse Georges. While the couple's story is tragic — Anne begs Georges not to put her in hospital care which he struggles with, knowing she is very sick — it is also exceptionally beautiful. While most love stories in films are told about young, sexy pairs who rarely have to deal with more than some lying and upset feelings, this film shows the rawness that accompanies elderly couples every day, and can fill us all with hope that no matter how we become, the love of our life will still continue to care for us indefinitely and unconditionally.

Django Unchained
This somewhat controversial hit directed by Quentin Tarantino features an 1850s husband and wife who have been torn apart by the horrors of slavery. Django (played by Jamie Foxx) and Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) are separated when the former is sold away. But, after a long and complicated journey on Django's part, through violent situations and unjust crimes, the two are reunited despite all odds. While a film as graphic and intense as this may not seem romantic, it is peculiarly wonderful and satisfying simply seeing a couple be together once more after doing absolutely anything possible to do so.

The Sessions
Dustin Hoffman and Helen Hunt star in this enchanting — and based on a true story, no less — tale of a man named Mark O’Brien (Hoffman) whose complications from polio have resulted in his need of an iron lung. After feeling he is near death, Mark decides to contact Cheryl Cohen-Greene (Hunt), a sex surrogate who is married. The two happily engage in a sexual relationship, but then find themselves having genuine feelings for one another. Mark decides to step back in order to respect Cheryl's marriage, soon meeting a woman of his own whom he eventually marries. While the love inspirers in this story don’t end up together, the beauty of their relationship is that each was able to give something to the other, and ensure one another’s happiness and well being in the end regardless. Love is selfless, and sometimes that means giving up what one wants to guarantee the person you love is happy. Keep Reading ...

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