How Do I Move On From Infidelity?


Infidelity is a hard blow to a relationship, but you and your partner can overcome it.

After infidelity, your relationship is on the rocks. You're unsure whether or not it can be repaired and don't know if you can ever fully trust your partner again. Although infidelity is a traumatic for any couple to experience, it is something you and your partner can overcome.

Relationship Therapist Elisabeth LaMotte offers some encouraging advice that can help strengthen and repair your relationship. She assures you that a marriage isn't doomed due to infidelity, couples can successfully work through infedility just like any other relationship issue.  There are steps that you can take to repair your relationship. One step is to go to couples counseling. This will allow you to address the issue and move forward.

Watch the video above for more tips on moving on in a relationship after infidelity.