Love Bytes: Pussy Riot & More Daring, Sexy Political Activists

Pussy Riot
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Plus, what really happens when single moms go out.

We all bend the truth from time to time, right? Not everyone needs to know everything, right? Should we tell our spouse lil lies if it's to protect ourselves (or them)? (Parenting)

Russian punk band Pussy Riot and 9 more sexiest political dissidents. Um, what about Lady Godiva? (Nerve)

What happens when you think you're a crappy person because your husband makes way more money than you? (LearnVest)

10 ways to pull the plug on a relationship without being a total rod about it. (Good Men Project)

What really happens back at home when single moms hit the town? (Babble)

How loud do you have to have sex to make your neighbors hate you? (The Stir)

If your friend likes a guy who likes you, what do you do? (College Candy)

Do guys really care if you're a virgin? Maybe this naked guy will tell you. (Gurl)

Could you ever *shudder* date a smoker? (TresSugar)

It's the summer of breakups! Take a walk down memory lane to review this summer's biggest splits. (The Daily Beast)

Seriously, what is the best way to exit a relationship? (Betty Confidential)

You could avoid these dating mistakes, or you could make 'em and learn for yourself. (HowAboutWe)

And, did you know that Brigham Young had 55 wives? (Huffington Post)

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