Dating Rules: Are Young Singles Getting More Traditional?

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Young adults still think a man should ask a woman out, and more fun facts from JDate.

If dating had hard and fast rules, there would be no single people. The world would be a relatively happy place where everyone was in love and beamed happiness as they held hands in the park and merrily frolicked along. ...Right?

But there are no set rules to dating, and if there are, they change too frequently for us to ever seem to get them correct. That doesn't mean we can't poll people from time to time, though, to see what the current "rules" and mores are. 

JDate, the online dating community for Jewish singles, recently polled its members to gain their insight into some of these "rules." Here's what they found:

Initiating. Nearly three-quarters of the members surveyed agreed that men should make the first move when asking for a date. Interestingly, this was more commonly agreed upon by younger daters — 87 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds, to be exact. Meanwhile, those aged 56 and up were less likely to say the man should ask the woman out. I guess the young folks are bringing archaic traditions back?

Follow-through. After the first date is over — or, in some cases, even before — the question of when to call, and how frequently, arises. Jewish singles have apparently been paying attention to the He's Just Not That Into You set of dating rules, as 64 percent said they wouldn't call a date again if the first attempt yielded no response. And unsurprisingly, women are less likely to be incessant about calling; 73 percent of ladies wouldn't call again, compared with 57 percent of men.

Do you agree that men should make the first move when asking for a date? Would you call your date again if they didn't return your first call?

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