Love Bytes: Are You An Annoying Couple?


How touch fosters trust in a relationship and why you should leave dating drama at the door.

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links.

The best part about summer? Activity dates! Spice up your relationship with some fun in the sun. (Shape)

Get this: sexually insecure people are more likely to cheat. (MyDaily)

It's more common (and accepted!) now more than ever, but we want to know what you think about interracial relationships. (Essence)

Are you and your S.O. what others would consider an annoying couple? Read this to find out, and definitely don't feel like you need to answer that. (College Candy)

Should consenting adults be able to structure their families and relationships however they please? At what point should the government interfere? (Double X)

Clearly, human touch is a huge source of pleasure and intimacy. But now, studies are showing the scientific ways in which touch builds trust in a relationship. (Huffington Post)

This girl made every first-date mistake in the book and still managed to win the guy over. Her story proves not only that there's no need for the drama of first date pressure, but that the "mistakes" can actually make you more endearing. (The Frisky)

Speaking of drama, is there anything more overkill than the pressure to plan the perfect wedding your guests will never stop talking about? At the end of the day, who's the wedding really for? (Divine Caroline)

Between No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, this year has been chock-full of film interpretations of what it means to be in a casual relationship. Here, a more realistic version of these movies from our partner who just may know better. (The Gloss)

And finally, if you're capping off your summer with a trip of some sort, here are 5 things to know about vacay hook-ups. (Betty Confidential)