Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs

Aquarius Nation: July 2011 Monthly Horoscopes For All Signs
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Read your monthly horoscope for July 2011! Understand what you and your people are going through ...


To read more about the Solar Eclipse on 07/01/11 go here:

As a note before I begin your monthly horoscopes, this New Moon on the 1st is when you want to write your wishes or affirmations for how you want your life and the world to unfold and what you want to create. This one is uber important given the circumstances of the moment in time, and every one of you needs to be voting through your intentions. Now there is this thing called Void of Course, which I can not even get into here right now, but it basically is a time when movement should not be applied. It is like when you force something but it was not the right time so then you have to go back and re do it anyway. Or, it is like water is not running during the moon is VOC so you wouldn't want to shampoo up your head or do the dishes when the water is not running. You would wait for the water to come on again and this is what it will do once you pass the VOC time.

So the very best times for you to write your wishes or affirmations is on:

July 1st 1:54 am to 4:38 am
July 2nd 2:44 pm to 9:27pm
July 4th 6:16 pm to July 5th 5:20 pm
(all times give are Pacific Time)

Okay then! Lets get into the monthly horoscopes for July of 2011! And don't forget that you want to read about your Sun Sign, your Rising Sign and if you want more info you can also read your Moon Sign.

ARIES March 21 - April 19

It probably feels like every single aspect of your life is in total transformation and change and you are absolutely right. Being that you are right in the thick of this Cardinal Grand Cross and that Uranus and the Black Moon are also sharing your Sun sign, well I would say oh heck yeah it is all up in the air. But change is good and at least you have those 2 planets which are pretty exciting and avante garde kind of planets to be sharing your space. But just don't count on anything staying as it is right now. Pretend you are on a water float going down the river and some times there will be big rushing waves and you will have to hold on tight, and at other times there will be smooth tranquil waters, floating you along as if singing you a lullaby, and sometimes you will get stuck in rocks and have to jump into the water and push your floater through, and sometimes a gush of water will come and will throw you off balance into the water and you'll have to swim to get back onto your floater. A wild ride? I'll say. But who better equipped to handle these currents of the moment then You. You will be just fine once you catch on to the fact that it is all fluid and ever changing and completely uncharted territory.

Your home and your roots are giving you much thought right now and you are hoping to be making some changes. You may be moving to a more harmonious environment or you may just be moving your place around and painting the walls for a new feel. I love to paint the walls when I move into a new place so I know how that can completely transform a room and make it feel brand new. So your change may be big like moving or it may be small like adding a new piece of furniture or painting the walls. Ultimately you want to find a some safe space within your home so at this time you will really be focused on creating that and creating a place that you really love spending time in. Some memories of your childhood and past may be coming to your attention to be looked at again with your adult way of seeing things. And there may be some things that need to be healed and worked through concerning some of the people in your closest intimate life. Just know that like the waves of life, certain things come up for us and are easier to deal with than at other times. It's like, when you are lucky you want to go gamble, right? Well right now you are very connected and hooked into your roots. And whatever is coming up is coming up for you to deal with it and release it's charge. You may be having things come up where you felt hurt or neglected by your parents, there may be a vulnerability there that is opening old wounds. This is great! Go right to the core of it and feel whatever needs to come out of it and then you will be able to move on. Perfect. Ignore it and it will come right back at you next year this time. It's like credit card debt and it doesn't go away until you deal with it.

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There will be a lot of activity and focus on your ability to communicate what is on your mind with those around you. If you like someone, you have to let them know. If you have to tell someone some bad new, you have to let them know. You will feel much freedom when you get into the habit of just expressing it no matter if it makes you nervous or if you fear it will hurt them. In the long run, open communication is always the best bet. Because if you don't tell them you like them, then you may miss the boat on what could be a really awesome relationship; and if you don't tell them something that may hurt them, then you are withholding the truth and it may do more damage when it gets out at a later time and from someone besides you. You have the power to speak the truth and