Survey: Americans More Excited Than Brits For Royal Wedding

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Online dating survey finds that U.S. singles will watch wedding, but disagree with royal traditions.

With just over a week to go until the Royal Wedding finally takes place on April 29, the media is abuzz, covering every last detail of the highly anticipated event. Across the pond in America, we are absolutely eating it up, and rightfully so—who hasn't dreamed of some day finding a prince or princess?

Apparently, not everyone. A new survey released by dating website asked American singles their feelings on the event, questioning everything from Prince William's parents to Kate Middleton's choice of cake, and surprisingly, not everyone is on board with the way the royals say, "I do."

Americans are more excited than Brits. Even though an ocean—and hours of time difference—separate the United States from the UK, 40 percent of American singles will be watching the Royal Wedding unfold on TV. Only 31 percent of single Brits plan on tuning in, making true one of our astrologer's predictions about the Royal Wedding (among the others: there will be a high terror risk on the day of the wedding—we hope this one doesn't come true!) However, there are naysayers in the states who'd rather endure physical pain than sit through the hours of coverage surrounding the event. A whopping 39 percent of singles say they would rather endure a root canal or other aggravating dental procedure than watch the ceremony on April 29. 5 Guinness World Records The Royal Wedding Might Break

Americans don't approve of royal tradition. Thanks to extensive media coverage of the upcoming event, we know that Prince William won't be wearing a wedding band. Even though this is completely common for British royals, 75 percent of women and 59 percent of men say the prince should forgo his father's example and wear a ring. Another age-old British tradition—serving fruitcake—has also come under scrutiny, as 78 percent of Americans say they would never serve it at their own wedding.

No Kate envy in the U.S. Americans are known as being celebrity-obsessed, and although the April 29 union of Prince William and Kate Middleton is being followed extensively by the media, most agree that they would never want to be in Kate's shoes. More than half (56 percent) of American singles would never want to marry into a royal family. Even more interesting, women felt more strongly about this issue. Whereas men were 50-50, the majority of women said no way. Diana vs. Kate: Comparing The Former And Future Princesses

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