Couple Wins Lawsuit Against Worst Wedding Videographer Ever

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words but for British couple Martin and Heidi Shubrook, a video is worth a thousand dollars.

In 2009, Martin and Heidi were partaking in one of the happiest events of their lives: their wedding. They hired a videographer to capture the celebration, hoping to walk away with classic candids like the two of them leaving the church, cutting the cake, etc. This video, after all, would forever serve as a reminder of all the love and joy they felt that day. Is Your Fiance A Groomzilla?

Unfortunately, when Martin and Heidi received their video, all they saw was grass. Literally. Plus other shots that were taken at odd-angles. So, they did what any couple would do: they sued. The two were awarded $1,000 for the mishap.

Even though they won their case, we can't help but feel as if they were due more—though, of course, money doesn't equate to wedding day mementos. While the memory of their wedding will live on in their minds—and hopefully in photoraphs—they don't have a video to watch over and over again when they're feeling reminsicient or recounting the details of their day to their friends and family. Soul Mates: 10 Steps To A Spiritual Relationship

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*Note: this post has been updated due to initial reporting inaccuracies. Thanks to YourTango reader leahmacvie for pointing out our error!