Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Honeymoon In Australia?

William and Kate in London.
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William hinted that he and Kate might be headed Down Under after their April nuptials.

After nabbing all sorts of details on the Royal wedding just over a month away, insiders are turning to their next order of business—scooping Prince William and Kate Middleton's honeymoon location. Kenya, where William proposed, has been thrown around. We've heard Wales might be plausible. The Maldives and Scotland have also made the shortlist. Prince William & Kate Middleton Officially Engaged

As many continue to guess, another destination has slid into the mix. This time, it was by Prince William himself. On Saturday, the most famous groom-to-be on the planet made a trip to Australia, visiting areas devastated by February's Cyclone Yasi. While meeting with community residents, he hinted that he might have to bring Kate Down Under after their lavish wedding.

As The Telegraph reported: "I love scuba diving," William said. "I have always wanted to dive the barrier reef... It's much nicer down here, the weather at home is dreadful. I will have to come back, maybe we'll have a honeymoon in Cairns?"

The crowd's reaction: Wait—Cairns? Cairns, Australia?! Naturally, this pleased the Aussies just a little. The group erupted in cheers.

The charismatic prince had one more thing to tell them before heading on his way: "I expect to see you all there [at the wedding], I want to see lots of Aussie flags outside the Abbey." Cue more cheers... William sure knows how to charm a crowd. Prince William & Kate Invited Kanye West To Their Wedding

We'll have to see if William was serious about an Australian getaway. (Would Kate be up for scuba diving?) Although, we certainly wouldn't blame him for wanting to escape the dreary England weather.

Photo Source: INF