A Skype Wedding For A Sick Groom

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A webcam saved this large-scale wedding.

Anyone who has ever been party to a wedding party knows that, much like a Broadway play, the show MUST go on. Where a Broadway show and a wedding differ, however, is in their use of understudies, especially when it comes to their leads. Despite this particular roadblock, a couple in California decided that a little lung infection wasn't going to keep them from holding their own, already-planned weekend performance.

According to Reuters, Samuel Kim and Helen Oh were all set to get married when a trip to the hospital reared its ugly head. When Mr. Kim began spitting up blood, he was in an awful quandary: live with disappointing his bride OR possibly die on the altar. (Before you insist that the answer is obvious, keep in mind that some of the wedding guests were coming from Korea.)

The bridegroom ended up going to the hospital. But modern technology still saved the day. The couple used the voice and video-conferencing service Skype to beam the man's voice and likeness to the ceremony from his hospital room. Live cameramen kept the high-tech vibe going at the church. In the end, the 500 guests seemed to have a good time (and it looks like Kim will be just fine). 

Luckily, California was OK with this sort of thing. Not all states are cool with these webcam weddings, or with general marriage in absentia. Couple Stranded By Volcanic Ash Wed Via Skype

Would you have tried to reschedule the wedding?