5 Ways To Curb Your Nagging

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Turning a complaint into a polite request can save your relationship.

If you’re in a serious relationship with a man, chances are you’ve nagged him about taking out the trash, throwing away his junk mail, making a dentist appointment or exercising. The list goes on and on with the same conclusion: Most men procrastinate. And they are even less likely to accomplish a task with a woman over their shoulder complaining. Although it may be tempting to fly into a rage next time you trip over your man’s wet towel, it’s best to keep your cool. Here are some ways to avoid acting like his mother:

1. Keep a tally. Any time you nag him (which is not to be confused with a polite request to help with a chore), write it down. You’ll probably be shocked – and a little disgusted – at how many times a day you belittle him with phrases like, “Wow, it’s about time you cleaned. I’ve had SOOO much fun scrubbing your pee stains off the toilet for the past year!” Remember that men do not respond well to criticism or belittlement.

2. Politely ask for help. This isn’t the 1950s. Women work just as much, if not more than men and deserve help around the house. In order to attain this help, use a calm, soothing voice and phrase your request like so: “Hey baby, would you mind helping out tonight with the laundry? I’d really appreciate it.” Kill him with kindness and watch in amazement as he actually lifts himself off the couch. If he consistently refuses to help out when asked, you may want to rethink your relationship. It sounds harsh, but a partner who doesn’t help with something as simple as cleaning probably won’t help with bigger things down the road – like raising a child.

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