Sugar Or Spice: With Men, Which Is Better?

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When it comes to men and dating, is it better to opt for sweet and kind or spice and sexy?

Frank who?

Last night, Tahiti turned tearful and somewhat tragic as Bachelorette Ali was betrayed by one of her final three.

The Tahitian trysts began with the ever alluring Roberto, as he and Ali shared a helicopter tour over La Taha, finally landing on a heart-shaped island. The heat and intimacy between the two only intensified as they wafted through crystal blue waters and shared a romantic dinner for two. (Insert envious sighs here.)

Ali's island adventures continued with Chris L., with a boat ride on a luxurious 75-foot catamaran. Typically sweet, Chris L. seems to be taking their relationship to the next level, as he and Ali shared some steamy moments on the yacht. Although the relationship between these two grew slowly, the date proved that their connection continues to grow steadily.

Finally, there was Frank, the bachelor for whom Ali seemed to have the strongest feelings. We'll still shaking our head about this one. Although there was always something about him—like his excessive fears and doubts about their relationship—we never expected him to hold a flame for his ex-girlfriend back home. Though Frank's move was shocking, hurtful, and cowardly, our Bachelorette proved to be resilient and remain optimistic. Having the arms of two men to run into never hurts either. 4 Signs A Guy Is Too Good To Be True

So, again we say: Frank who?

Although Frank seemed to be the man of Ali's dreams, the Bachelorette still has two handsome, eager, adoring and completely different men in front of her: Chris L., the kind-hearted, down-to-earth landscaper from Cape Cod, and Roberto, the sexy, Spanish-speaking former baseball player (with the body to match!). You might look at it as a decision between sugar and spice. So, when it comes to men, which is the better pick? We've sized up the men below.

Type: The Sweet, Slightly Awkward, All-Around Nice Guy
Pros: To be honest, we were surprised that Ali kept Chris around for as long as she did, but now we understand why. Like your typical nice guy, Chris is quiet and not quite as aggressive as the other guys—it's easy to overlook him. Yet what Chris lacks in extroversion and smoothness, he makes up for in sincerity, honesty, family values, and complete adoration of our Bachelorette. He's easy on the eyes, too. If Ali is truly intent on finding love, and a potential husband and father, this nice guy may be the best choice. The guy quit his job in New York City to return home to care for his mother—now, that's devotion. 5 Things To Notice When Meeting His Parents
Cons: Some of the strengths of a nice guy are also what might cause problems in your relationship. Although everyone loves to get their way, Chris is in a position here to be dominated in the relationship. It seems as though he already has stronger feelings for Ali than she does for him. If that's the case, Chris may find himself giving into Ali's desires without considering his own. This may lead to his becoming "Mr. Ali Fedotowsky," which may not necessarily be ideal. With a "sweet" guy, it may be more difficult for you to gauge your man's emotions, as his true feelings may not be reflected in lofty expressions of love.

Type: The Suave, Secure, Smoldering Stud
Pros: In the beginning, Roberto has stood out not only for his devilishly good looks, but also for the way he charmed Ali with an impromptu salsa lesson and his willingness to discuss his relationship and familial values. Since that first-impression rose—when he clearly earned approval from Ali and viewers—things have only gotten better. The physical chemistry between the two is apparent; yet, what makes their connection even stronger is how much fun they have. When they're together, Roberto has the Bachelorette giggling like a school girl, and he lets his guard down with her, too. But there is substance here, their physical attraction to one another is reinforced by respect, friendship and genuine feelings. Let's face it: Roberto and Ali are sexy individually. Together, they make the sexy pair we all secretly envy. 
Cons: Although Roberto has been a frontrunner for weeks now, ultimately, his passion and ambition might do him in. Ali has mentioned before that she doesn't feel deserving of Roberto, and her worries were only re-visited when she met Roberto's father. Referring to his son as a "big prize," Roberto's father makes it clear that Robert dreams big, and after all, he must know his son. Men like Roberto—that is, confident, adventurous, dark and handsome—typically don't settle into the background. If you find yourself in a relationship with one of these studs, proceed with caution. Unless you have a strong sense of confidence to match, it may be difficult for you to feel like equals in the relationship.

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