Go Green Dating: 10 More Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

planting a tree in a pot

Want to go green dating? It's easy! Here are 10 eco-friendly date ideas.

Contrary to what Kermit the Frog once told us, it's actually pretty easy being green—if you use your imagination and are willing to be a little adventurous. Here are ten eco-friendly date ideas, all of which require very little effort. Try them out this Earth Day—or any day you want to have some fun without being hard on the planet. Go green datingGo Green With YourTango

1. Have a zero carbon footprint dinner. More and more restaurants these days are jumping on board the green trend. Check out your local restaurant listings to find out which ones in your area might be offering menus with local or seasonal foods, green energy preparation, organic wines and a little romance

2. Organize a virtual scavenger hunt. Working together as a team is good for any partnership, and what better way to do it than to compete against your friends? Here's how it works: you and your honey, and two or three couples you know, decide on a theme (the alphabet, for example) and a color (green, perhaps?). Each couple then goes out on foot with their digital cameras and takes a picture of themselves with each item on the list (a green A in a store window, the letter B written in dandelions, etc.). The couple that finishes and arrives at a designated location first wins. But of course, everyone gets a prize in the end: paperless souvenirs of a fun day in the form of digital pictures.

3. Take a green class. Learning together is a great way to get those happy endorphins flowing. So why not take a green class together? Check out your local community center to find classes on local and sustainable cooking, paper-making, bird watching or even oyster farming.

4. Plant a garden. Get your hands dirty together, and then spend the spring and summer watching your garden grow. Harvest the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor as they mature, and feast on the food of love. What's more romantic than that?

5. Pick fruit. Don't want to wait for your garden to grow? Go fruit picking instead. Strawberries are in season, as are many other berries. Pick a bucket or two together, and then go home and turn them into something sweet—whether it requires a bit of work (jam) or no work at all (fresh strawberries and champagne). Don't have berry-picking locations near you? Check out your local farmers' market instead.

6. Try a mass transit date. If you're used to driving, try a mass transit adventure instead. Start by looking online for the local bus, subway or light rail map for your city, or pick up maps from the mass transit authority in your area. Once you have your maps laid out in front of you, choose a destination. It might be the last stop on a particular bus line or a cute town just an hour away. It might even be a location you picked by throwing a dart. Regardless, you'll be embarking on something new (and novelty's good for any relationship) without trashing the planet in the process.

7. Enjoy some eco-tourism. Whether it's an afternoon in your local botanical garden, a kayaking trip down a green waterway or a weekend away at an earth-friendly resort, eco-tourism is a great way to see the world, spend some time together and maybe even learn a little something about the planet. Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts

8. Go for a stroll. Our grandparents did it. Their grandparents did it. So why not grab your honey by the hand and go for a walk? Choose a park, the woods or a local beach. Simply stroll around your downtown area and do some people-watching. Maybe even duck behind a tree or into an alley along the way and steal a kiss. 

9. Walk for a cause. Is a casual stroll too casual for you? Try walking for a cause, instead. Whether you're walking dogs for the local shelter, participating in a walkathon for the planet or delivering meals on foot to the homebound, walking for others will warm your hearts without warming the planet.

10. Go shopping for eco-friendly toys, and then try them out. The phthalates in some sex toys can cause damage to your reproductive system, and the planet. So why not go shopping together this Earth Day for PVC-free sex toys instead? They're available at shops like Babeland, and online at Earth Erotics, and are sure to keep the earth as healthy and happy as your body. Go Green (In Bed)

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