Football Wives' Pilar Sanders Not Your Average Reality TV Star

Pilar Sanders of VH1's Football Wives
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You won't see any reality TV antics from Deion Sanders' wife, Football Wives star Pilar Sanders.

It seems like every show with "wives" in the title is filled with drama, craziness and confrontation—often between the women and their men. Earlier this year, VH1 debuted the series Basketball Wives for which a more appropriate title would have been Exes of the Tall and Unfaithful. So when the network announced the show Football Wives, expectations were more drink throwing and unhappy couples. Not so fast.

This group features some genuinely happy long-time married couples and while these women are not immune to mixing it up a bit with each other, they try to show what has always worked for them on the domestic front. The show airs on VH1 Sunday nights at 9:30pm EST.

Among the Football Wives is Pilar Sanders, wife of retired All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders. The Sanders are not new to the reality genre, having headlined the show Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love on the Oxygen network. While the former model turned actress, mother, certified personal trainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist may trade some harsh words with her co-stars, the one thing she will not compromise are the basics that make her 12-year marriage tick. Can A Home Make Your Marriage Happy?

Do you have any concerns that putting it out there may cause friction in your marriage?

Not at all. There wasn't any hidden agenda as to why I chose to do the show. I definitely did want to promote a sisterhood. I wanted to really delve into the fact that we have seven very powerful women who are together and they're doing their things. They're handling their businesses. They're handling their families, their husbands. Whether they're going through a transitional stage in football or they're retired. My point was on women and their strengths.

As far as it dealt with myself and Deion, we're very supportive. I'm not trying to leave him or go anywhere or vice versa. I think when people go into it for a hidden reason or trying to get somewhere, that is when relationships break down.

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