Mobile Strip Club Not Popular With Everyone

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Some in Tampa find mobile strippers offensive. But others think they're pretty righteous.

You know how some ideas are just too revolutionary for their time, and their "hare-brained" creators die in relative obscurity but we later really appreciate them? If not, perhaps you should watch the movie Flash Of Genius, about the guy who invented intermittent windshield wipers. In the meantime (or if you're already onboard regarding this concept), I have a tale of an idea so revolutionary that it may literally* blow your mind: a mobile strip club. Sorta. Read: Why Men Love Strip Clubs

Per the St. Petersburg Times, the gentleman's club Déjà Vu decided to pump a little public interest their way by engaging in a some Marketing 101. The company has a large vehicle featuring see-through sides, a pole and young ladies clad in only bikinis, presumably gyrating for onlookers. The truck is intended to scare up some customers by reminding men (and some ladies) in the Ybor City, SoHo and Channelside vicinities of Tampa that, somewhere, some ladies are dancing naked for money.

As you may imagine, the "square" community wasn't thrilled with the lady aquarium, even though all the good parts were covered up. They found a loophole involving the vehicle's Nevada registry (it should be noted that Déjà Vu runs naked lady clubs throughout the US of America). The club is now working to get their ducks in a row. Read: Why Strip Clubs Are Good For Marriage

It's pretty easy to imagine why someone might object to mobile strippers. But is it really worth the angst?

Personally, I just don't like the idea of those dancers being on that bus without seatbelts. Especially as mobile strippers seem to attract tailgating in a manner not dissimilar to molasses and fruit flies, or sweaty eyeballs and Georgia mosquitos. Evidently, the fun trucks only operate in the late evening, unlike a billboard, and at least with the stripper aquarium you don't have to deal with a groan-worthy pun or have to explain to your kid what the difference between "sexy" and "seXXXy" is.

Frankly, I think this mobile stripping could be a growth industry. We could take tailgating to the next level if sporting events had tents with women in either bathing or birthday suits bouncing around. And a bunch of tanked-up Jets fans who are already paying $150 per ticket, $10 per beer and $25 for a giant green foam finger (which they've fashioned into a middle finger and written Tom Brady upon)  will have no qualms about shelling out the $20 cover and $20 table-dance price. The hip dudes at SXSW would literally* have their minds blown if this existed. And bachelor parties would be able to combine golfing with strip club hopping; again, minds literally* blown. Read: Why I Hated His Strip-Club Bachelor Party

Any thoughts on what kind of fan/dude would be happiest to see a nudie bar outside of their event? Sorry, after Comic Con.