Online Dating or Highschool?

Online Dating or Highschool?

The latest online dating scandal surfaced this week when thousands of members were kicked off of, which claims to be just for the gorgeous, supposedly because they posted unflattering pictures of themselves over the holidays and New Year. Robert Hinze, the founder of the site, actually referred to the supposed online beauty perpetrators as “fatties.”

Sounds like a well-bred man.

Here’s my opinion: It is impossible on an online dating site to EVER get people to put up photos of how they really look on an average day. Why?  Because people are putting their best foot forward precisely because of the fact that photos are what people see first and base their initial impressions off. That means they might use a picture from three years ago when they were tan and slim, even if now they aren’t close to that.

Now that we know that people tend to put up their A+ photos, let’s think about how we can actually find out- as the online dating user – which of the men or women we’ve picked out on a site based on their photos and profile would actually be attractive to us if we met them in real life? Because this is the ultimate challenge of online dating: finding someone online who you would actually be compatible with and attracted to face-to-face.

There are a few answers to this question.

1)  We can use personal sites and applications that are connected to leading social networks ( for example is connected to Facebook). This way, we might be exposed to a rich selection of people's photos, videos and other personal information.

2)  We can do some research on someone ourselves (Facebook, Google searches, etc.) or even talk to friends who actually know them.  (this is, of course, not an option with a total stranger)

3)   We can choose our sites wisely, as in the ones who have verification systems for their members (like Meezoog!)

While I am personally not a fan of the concept behind, I wish its members the best of luck finding someone special.

Dating Diva, Samantha Karlin (

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