'30 Rock' Recap: Jack's Internet Love Connection

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The '30 Rock' exec is reunited with a high-school love. Surprisingly, it's not a disaster. For now.

Ever been to Youface.com? Probably not. It's the 30 Rock fictional version of Facebook. And just like the real thing, it reconnects former high-school sweethearts, long-lost loves, and lets its users track the development of relationships based on others' status updates. ("Her relationship status just went from 'working on it' to 'weirdsy.'") Facebook Manners And You
It's also how Jack Donaghy reunites with his high school crush, Nancy. Judging from Jack you might think she would have grown into an upper-class high-society queen. But 30 Rock (as always) pleasantly surprised us. Is Our Facebook Romance Real?
Julianne Moore surfaced as a rough-around-the-edges Bostonian, complete with the classic Southie accent and flat affect. (Note: We're not completely sold on Moore's accent, but, for now, we'll take it.) But what surprised us even more was Jack's unrequited love for her. Yes, he came from the same R-dropping 'hood, but surely he had lost his taste for the local girl. Right?
Wrong. Despite moving up in the world and swimming in overabundance and wealth, Jack was just as in love with Nancy as he was in high school. And that's one of the reasons we love him. An undying affection for a school-girl crush? That's something we might expect of Liz Lemon, Tina Fey's comically flawed character. But this, coming from Jack? Just another facet to his very appealing and quirky character.
We're not sure if Nancy will be a reccurring character on 30 Rock, but we certainly hope so. And thank you, youface.com, for bringing them together.
Readers, what do you think? Are Jack and Nancy in it for the long haul?
Photo: NBC