On The Brink Of Divorce? Free Honeymoon For You!

free honeymoon for those considering divorce
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Malaysian officials are attempting to curb the soaring divorce rate with free honeymoons.

An eastern state in Malaysia called Terengganu is fighting back at the divorce rate—one honeymoon at a time, says Reuters. The state's department of Welfare Community Development and Women Affairs is now offering couples who are in the midst of marital crisis a free three-day vacation valued at $440 (plus a little counseling).

While the Terengganu did not release its divorce rate, it did conduct a 25-couple pilot program. Judging from the announcement of the state-wide program, officials must have deemed it a success. Perhaps those husbands and wives reclaimed the love that was once lost? Or maybe they just learned to push the animosity and anger down a little deeper. One Essential Post-Divorce Tip

And how's this for reasoning: While it's completely acceptable for newlyweds to divorce, those who have been together decades have no excuse. According to Terengganu, they should stick it out. Considering A Divorce Or Breakup?

It's funny, though, when you think about the words "divorce" and "vacation" together. Our first thought was a post-divorce vacation. Turns out, we're not the only ones. The Grand Velas Resort in Mexico offered the Ultimate Divorce Vacation last year, complete with a lavish spa treatments, ocean-side views, and a consultation with a jeweler on next steps for those engagement and wedding bands.

OK, then. We have to give Terengganu props for attempting to put a positive spin on combining "divorce" and "vacation" and curb the rising divorce rate in a single sweep, and we might just fake marital woes to win one of those lovely three-day getaways.

Readers, what do you think? Vacation as a means to avoiding divorce: good idea or bad idea?

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