New Plan: Give Your One-Night Stand A Gift

one night stand
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What's the best gift to give when you get going the morning after?

The one-night stand "before" is almost as exciting as the "after" is awkward. Everyone's keyed up. Irrespective of booze's involvement, there is a certain headiness that something sordid is in the offing but rational decision-making just took the 3:10 To Yuma. So you do what comes naturally and some time later tunnel vision returns to normal vision, your heartbeat lowers to its regular pace and blood begins circulating into it's standard route rather than pooling in various locales. Yep, you just got some FA*.

Now comes the awkward part. As one million thoughts flood your brain, you try to read the other person's mind by starting sentences with the word “so” and letting it drag out. And, eventually, you are keenly aware that you just saw each other naked or still are naked. A graceful exit takes some combination of gusto, elan, savoy faire and bluntness that most of us will ever hope to possess. Irrespective of what was previously said, there is always a chance that one or both of you may have "caught feelings" while you were rolling around in there. Read: A One-Night Stand Can Actually Be Great

My homeys Em & Lo ( have ten great rules of one-night stands, and a large portion of their advice focuses on the holy trinity of managing expectations, safety and general courtesy. But I think there should be a more tangible takeaway.

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