Personal power and relationships

Personal power and relationships

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal power and how it impacts on our relationships, especially our intimate ones.

people think that personal power is acquired through things outside of
themselves, through material wealth, fame, authority, social class,
charisma, persuasion, force and relationships.

For those of you
that think personal power is one or all of the above, think again! I
mean what would happen if you lost all your wealth or social status?
How would it impact your personal power? I'm guessing that you would
begin to feel powerless. The reason being that personal power is an
inside job. If you don't feel good about yourself on the inside, then
outside factors will deem you powerless once lost.

If you have
ever felt that a relationship will make you happy, strong, or complete,
you have probably experienced a whole load of heartbreak, frustration,
disappointment, and rejection in your life.

Here are four ways to empower yourself in love and relationships.

1. TAKE responsibility for your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.

many times do you hear people saying, "he makes me feel great", or "she
makes me feel insecure". As soon as you utter the words "he/she made me
feel" you are giving away your power, you are saying that somebody else
is pulling your strings. STOP IT!*
you feel great in the company of another, remember that those feelings
come from inside you; you are not borrowing from him/her.

2. SEE the messages in your relationships
nearest and dearest relationships often reflect back to us our deepest,
fears, issues, and insecurities. For example, if you fear rejection and
end up being needy in relationships you will often find yourself
encountering situations whereby people reject you, because they can
sense how you feel inside. When you change, on the inside, and feel
more secure, you will start attracting others who not only see you that
way but also exhibit the same quality themselves.

3. CHANGE the way you think, speak and behave.

order for things to change the world around us WE need to change on the
inside. The problem is we don’t want to have to change. We would prefer
that other people change but we cannot change others, only ourselves.
So, we need to change our way of thinking, our way of speaking, and our
way of behaving. Now, It only takes 21 days to change and create a new
stable habit. This takes bravery, focus and commitment. Do you want to
feel happy and great about yourself on the inside, and attract the man
of your dreams? If the answer is yes then be brave, focused and
committed and watch your life change.

4. ACTION is required if we want to change.
all of the above steps for a period of 21 days and you will create new
stable thoughts, words, actions and habits. A great way of doing is to
get a new wristband and then think of something that you would like to
change. Whenever you find yourself thinking, saying or doing whatever
it is that you would like to change, move the wristband from one wrist
to the other and insert a new thought/word or action. For example if
you hear yourself saying “you made me feel insecure”, change the
wristband over and say to yourself, “I feel insecure but I now choose
to feel worthy/good enough/confident”. The idea is to keep the
wristband on one wrist for 21 days and you will change the way you
think, feel and behave.

*STOP IT - this is a funny video

Stay Fabulous!

Careylove xxx