George Clooney's 9 Love Lives

George Clooney Lake Como

George Clooney has asked his Italian flame, Elisabetta Canalis, to move into his luxurious Lake Como home, In Touch reports. We're far too jaded at this point to assume that this means George might be ready to settle down and create some disproportionately beautiful, talented and multilingual babies, but that doesn't mean we're not jealous of that lucky hag sunning herself in Italy. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of George's greatest hits on the relationship front. The Truth About Moving in Together

1988: Shacking up with Kelly Preston

George and the future Mrs. John Travolta cohabited in the Hollywood Hills for a little over a year. She had previously dated Charlie Sheen, and he was still laboring in small television roles. The highlight of their relationship? George bought his beloved pet potbellied pig, Max, as a gift for Kelly. Max outlived the love affair by 17 years.

1989-93: Married to Talia Balsam

In 1998, George said about his four-year marriage to Talia, "She was the girl I chased and was in love with, the girl I always wanted to marry. I was 28, and in Kentucky when you get to be that age, you're supposed to get married." They’d met in 1984 and were married by an Elvis impersonator in a Vegas chapel after George pursued her for years. After their divorce, George swore he'd never marry again. Talia did, though. She's been hitched to her Mad Men costar John Slattery since 1998.

1995: Dated Kimberly Russell

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George moved on from his marriage with Eddie Murphy's ex, actress Kimberly Russell. She appeared on Head of the Class and one episode of ER. She wanted him to settle down, but George, victim of what in 2001 he called "the three-year itch," ended the relationship and moved on. "We'd been together for over three years and I wanted a family," Russell told the UK's Daily Mail. "I wanted us to be man and wife, but there was no hope of pinning him down." Should You Wait For Commitment Or Walk Away?