5 Big Online Dating Don'ts For Guys

5 Big Online Dating Don'ts For Guys

Qverb requested the ladies on YourTango to post their personal Online Dating Don'ts, geared towards men. This might be the easiest blog post I've ever written.

1. Don't send a generic email to all of the girls that you find attractive. Believe it or not, we CAN tell when you have a dating website form letter. We don't respond well to "Hey I just checked out your profile, and I think you look like someone that I would like to get to know better." It is unimaginative. What in my profile made you want to contact me? If it's just because you like the pictures I have up, and you didn't bother to read my profile, keep moving.

2. Don't tell me that you are adventurous and a great cook if these skills only relate to your World of Warcraft character. Be honest. While you definitely want to put your best foot forward, don't lie to make yourself seem more like the person you think others are looking for. I've seen this more times than I can count. There are girls out there who may be interested in challenging your gaming skills. (Side note: If you do play WoW, please make sure to let others know that the game doesn't rule your life. It is decidedly unsexy for a guy to cut off a great date in order to play a game. Your guildmates can tough out the raid without you.)

3. Don't put something in your profile along the lines of "I don't know why I'm doing this". This can reek of insecurity, and it also subtly insults anyone else who is looking for someone online. Do you really want to insult the girls that might be attractive or attracted to you? I also write off anyone who says something along the lines of "I'm just giving this a shot". Again, it is insulting.

4. Don't have big drawn out conversations with girls that you are interested in. Ask her out! Long conversations via email will build the anticipation to the point where it may end up being scary to actually meet you. I mean this! After the first couple of emails, if you've hit it off online, it is time to see if the chemistry works just as well offline. If it doesn't, then you acknowledge it and go your separate ways. This will keep the time invested to a minimum, and neither of you will feel cheated if the other isn't as represented in their profile or via email.

This one is universal!

5. Don't write "I like to have fun." Honestly, who doesn't? For me, this was an instant way to vet profiles. Someone would contact me, and if they had "I like to have fun" on their profile, I'd reply, "I'm sorry, I don't think that things would work out between us. You see, I don't like to have fun." My profile is whimsical and a little sarcastic, so if, after reading my profile, they didn't understand that I was being sarcastic, well, they wouldn't like me anyway. Responses to my message were invariably boring and predictable. If you want to come across as boring and predictable, please, let us know by posting how much you like to have fun.

Ladies, am I missing anything? Guys, what do you think of the above "Don'ts"?