South Carolinian Arrested For Horse Sex, Again

horse sex

For some reason, people dig stories about strange love... with animals.

According to MSNBC, a disturbed man from the Palmetto State just cannot get enough of a certain little filly. The filly in question is an actual horse and the man has some serious issues.

For the second time in a relatively short while, a fellow called Rodell Vereen was caught making sweet lust to (fine, having sex with) a fine member of the equine family. The horse in question belonged to a woman living just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC and she did not take the bestiality lightly. She had a firearm and she only didn't use it for fear of being put in jail for killing (or maiming, folks from South Cackalacky are big on buckshot) the horse-f*cker. 

Mr. Vereen (probably not related to Broadway triple threat Ben Vereen) is another in a long line of noble people who have seen something in a horse that they didn't in a person. Catherine the Great was crushed to death by a horse that was attempting to mount her. Then there had to have been some ancient peoples who regularly had sex with horses to beget the centaur race. And, hmm, that Theresa Heinz Kerry has probably engaged in sex a time or two with the long-faced John Kerry. [Note: the Catherine the Great thing isn't true, John Kerry's all man (if somewhat dour and equine) and God made centaurs, not inter-specie shenanigans.] 

As we speak, this story is racing around the interweb. A guy called Danny Westneat has a theory why a story similar to this was the most popular story in the history of The Seattle Times as of 2005. My guess was that Seattle may be the most boring city in America, but it turns out that the rain-soaked berg is just like the rest of the US of A and just loves a story about horse-on-human action. In fact, "horse sex" was one of the web's all-time favorite search terms in 2005.

Any theories as to why? Is there something about the shear logistics that boggles the mind? Did the movie Black Beauty stir something in mankind? Are Satyrs making a comeback?

I suppose a guy could do worse to a horse. He could poke its eyes out for seemingly religious reasons, write a play about it and then make that Harry Potter kid get naked.