Did Jennifer Freak Out Bradley Cooper?

Jennifer Aniston Bradley Cooper timeline
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Jennifer Aniston gave Bradley Cooper a marriage and baby timeline, according to a report.

Is this what's happening? Is this why her romances all go sour? Certainly Jennifer Aniston knows better than to gush about marriage and babies too early in the relationship...doesn't she? 

This morning Celebitchy published a report that Jennifer Aniston gave Bradley Cooper a "'relationship timeline' speech" over a romantic dinner in New York City just two weeks ago on June 18, divulging her right-now wish-list of a wedding and babies. According to the report, she told him she wants to be pregnant within the year and then get married as soon as possible. If these two are just friends as Bradley stated last week in France, then the conversation doesn't seem all that awful. But...if the June 18 dinner was in fact a date...then we can kind of understand why Coop would head for the hills. First Date Dos and Don'ts

The two first had dinner together at Bradley's house in 2007 while they were filming He's Just Not That Into You. Rumors of a romance poked their heads on occasion, but his dinner with Renee Zellweger this Tuesday confirms that he's not looking to do the love lockdown with Jen. A source said when he returned to L.A. from France last week, he called Jen and told her he wasn't looking for anything serious. The same source said she's crying on friends' shoulders.

We know better than to believe everything we read, but honestly...a timeline