The Bachelor Party Lives Up To Reputation

bachelor party

What "The Hangover" tells us about bachelor parties.

In the newly released wedding flick ('tis the season) The Hangover, we get a glimpse of a Las Vegas bachelor party spent among four guys. We see them in the car, driving out to Vegas in a borrowed luxe car. We see them check into the $4,000-a-night party suite. We see them getting on their sleek going-out clothes (well all of them except for the one socially inept character who throws on jeans and a tee that his pot belly pokes out from).

We see them toasting to the groom's last night of freedom on the roof of the building. Then we see them the night after, when we watch three men wake up with the worst hangover of their lives and, a crying baby in the hotel suite, a tiger in the bathroom (that turns out to be Mike Tyson's) and a missing groom.Bachelorette Party Dos and Don'ts

The threesome of hungover men discovers through a series of clues where they left their bachelor friend (we'd tell you where but don't want to ruin the surprise).  Somehow, after the reservation is extended for one night, each mystery gets solved. The baby is safely delivered to his home, the tiger makes it back to Tyson, the car is found in one piece, the men get back on the road and get the groom to the wedding just in time.

We never actually see what goes down at the actual bachelor party. We get a glimpse at the very end of the movie as the men are sitting around and agree to look at the photos from the night just one time, and altogether, before getting rid of the evidence of their wildest night ever.

The series of stunts the men go through to find the missing bachelor is implausible, we admit it, but we like this movie. It's cute, the bachelors are cute.

One of the bachelors has a three-year girlfriend who can't handle the truth. By that we mean that this bachelor is constantly calling his long-term from the girlfriend from the Vegas trip and telling her he's at a quaint inn in Napa, sipping wine with the fellows. We say, let the men do their thing. Let them have their last hoorah. We know they're not at a Napa winetasting. As long as they make it to that ceremony on time, let them have their last night of single-guy kicks.

Readers, what do you say. Can your man tell you what really goes down at the Vegas bachelor party? Do you really want to know?