Dating Tips Recession-Style

Dating Tips Recession-Style
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How to save money when dating.

First dates at Le Cirque and second dates in St. Barth’s are out (for me, and maybe you, they were never in, but you get the point). Everyone’s feeling pressure on their wallets, and so for a lot of folks, that means pressure on the dating budget. What are the dating experts advocating in the downturn?

Mainly: Be cheap and be wary. Be very wary.

We don’t really agree with the sentiment of "being cheap" - no one should blow their wad on a few casual dates, but a relationship is an investment and being cheap is a very bad way to start.

That said, here’s what a few pros have to say:

* Curb your dating. According to dating expert David Wygant, there are some compulsive daters out there. Now’s the time to get some help - "Dating is not about getting a free meal (and an expensive freel meal at that). Dating is about connecting with somebody so that together you can figure out what do next." (David Wygant)Read: First Date Conversation Topics

* Make it a potluck. Instead of going to a restaurant to be surrounded by other diners, invite friends and family to dine in your home, and make them bring something.  (

* Cry "women’s lib." Guys, save a few bucks by letting your gals pay. This is only a big deal for guys who see such a move as "a blow to our pride if the woman takes the lead financially." Bonus: "There’s no reason to keep reassuring her that you will pay next time." (

* No bailouts. Apparently, romantic partners are regular targets for co-signing and making loans - on the first date! Don’t do it, says Wygant. "You are not a charity. This is just a first (or second or third) date." (David Wygant)Read: First Date Dos and Don'ts

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