Robert Pattinson Hearts Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Buzz, Love

The Twilight star admits that he digs his co-star.

They say that most romances start at work and many a Hollywood couple can attest to this. Could Twilight fans' fantasies come true and the actors who play Bella and Edward actually become a couple? We’re not sure but it looks like at some point the thought might have crossed Robert Pattinson’s mind. One of our Top Ten Celebrity Bachelors recently let a little crushing slip in an interview with OK!, saying, "Kristen is amazing, and your first impulse is to ask her for her phone number. But then I forced myself to remember that 90% of what you do on screen is acting and make things up. I enjoyed the process of creating these characters with her. We would spend all night talking about our scenes and the next day we would defend out points of view. That creative energy made us have a very special bond."

The two are scheduled to begin shooting New Moon at some point soon. Will professional get personal? Only time will tell. Kristen, give him a shot. After all, vampires do make amazing boyfriends.

Sccop courtesy of Pop Crunch. Photo courtesy of Splash News.