Banishing Bridezilla


This guide to managing pre-wedding conflicts delivers

Brides-to-be who are anything but blushing get bad reps, when, in reality, the cacophony of unsolicited opinions flying about during the planning process could make anyone batty.

Wedding expert Sharon Naylor fielded 150 real-life pre-wedding pickles such as lackadaisical groomsmen or interfering in-laws, then composed advice in The Bride’s Diplomacy Guide: Solutions to 150 of the Stickiest Dilemmas that Face a Bride-to-Be.

The cause behind most planning conflicts, she emphasizes, is intensified emotions not evil personalities! And, while we think a bride has every right to revert to verbal threats when family and guests forget that the day should be about her and not them, the cool-headed Naylor instead promotes diplomacy: Listening, calm explanations, the works.

And that’s why this book comes in handy, offering situation-diffusing tips from a neutral source during a notoriously high-charged process that calls for much compromise. Happy wedding!