The Zodiac Sign You Have The Best Chemistry With, According To Astrology

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Some zodiac signs simply were made for one another, and when they meet the emotional intensity is magical. When you click with someone like this, you know that means your chemistry is off the chart. 

The chemistry in your relationships and the chemistry you learned in high school are clearly two very different things, however there are some similarities if you think about it. When you have good chemistry with another person, it isn't necessarily one thing you can put your finger on. It's more like "clicking" with someone on a bunch of different levels at once. Like the science-type of chemistry, the chemistry you have with someone can be the combination of physical attraction, a connection or bond between the two of you, compatibility, and shared values.

The combination of all of these things can mix together to create a "chemical" reaction that makes your connection with someone really "click" or work well, in other words. Depending on what is most important to you in a relationship, you might have a different definition of chemistry than someone else.

Each of us has a few zodiac signs we have great chemistry with. Whether you bond over a physical connection, an intellectual one, or something in between, the zodiac compatibility between you and another sign (or more than one) can be really great. On the other hand, there are some signs where the zodiac compatibility just isn't there at all.

You won't always have the best chemistry with every zodiac sign you meet, but it is worth holding out for.

Here are the zodiac signs who have the best chemistry, according to astrology.

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Aries and Aquarius

As an air sign, Aquarius is all about trying new things. Aries loves knowing that when the two of them get together that there’s no shortage of adventure. Aries can call Aquarius up at any time and there will always be a resounding “yes!” on the other end, whether Aries is suggesting a new sushi place for dinner or a date night at the axe-throwing range downtown.

When planning a new adventure together isn’t on the table, Aries admires Aquarius’ go-getter attitude to make things happen in life. As for Aquarius, Aries’ originality really speaks to this zodiac sign. There’s something so attractive to Aquarius about dating someone who doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks, as long as they’re happy.

And, of course, a need for independence will always attract Aquarius. These zodiac signs might like being in a committed relationship, but the need to have their own lives outside of the relationship is something important that they both share.

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Taurus and Cancer

Taurus is a very intentional zodiac sign and does not take for granted having Cancer in their life to provide endless support and acceptance. One of the most important things to Taurus is knowing that their place in a relationship is wanted. Having the attention that Cancer provides is so vital to this zodiac sign.

On top of that, the open communication that Cancer provides gives Taurus the opportunity to express themself in a safe space. Even though it’s often hard for Taurus to say how they feel, Cancer is beyond patient with the people they love. Cancer is a water sign, which means there are always so many emotions flooding the surface at once. Having an earth sign like Taurus in Cancer’s life means Cancer always feels grounded and supported, even when life feels chaotic and stressful. Can I get an “awww”?

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Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini always forgets how lucky they are to have Sagittarius in their life until a conversation about needing some alone time or freedom comes up, and Gemini realizes just how accepting Sagittarius is. For these two zodiac signs, independence and a sense of freedom are more important than (almost) anything else.

Sagittarius and Gemini make their relationship look easy because they don’t let themselves get caught up in what others tell them their relationship has to look like. Gemini appreciates the breathing room Sagittarius gives them to be themselves, as well as the adaptability to make up the rules as they go. Sagittarius appreciates how they feel like partners or best friends (rather than just two people dating), as well as Gemini’s passion for life and all things fun.

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Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn might seem like they’re from two different worlds, but they actually make a great couple with a lot of chemistry. Leo is a natural-born leader themselves, so knowing that Capricorn can be a leader too — and not a follower or a couch potato — is endlessly attractive to them.

Leo likes the idea of being able to bounce off ideas and problems with Capricorn and actually getting some valuable advice. Plus, Capricorn isn’t afraid to be a risk-taker, which is a quality that Leo strives to embody, as well. As for Capricorn, having a partner who is so dedicated to setting goals and making money moves is crazy attractive.

Not only does it make Capricorn want to work harder for the relationship to last, but it makes them want to work harder in life, too. And, of course, Leo’s enthusiasm for life gives “all work, no play” Capricorn a chance to let loose every once in a while.

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Virgo and Scorpio

As an earth sign, trust and loyalty are very important to Virgo. There’s nothing that say “this relationship is built on a good foundation” like being with someone who actively works to keep honesty a top priority. As someone who is always an advocate for honesty and trust, Scorpio values Virgo’s need to keep it real. Virgo also appreciates Scorpio’s sensitivity.

While Scorpio may not be comfortable being vulnerable around just anyone, Virgo’s patience proves that letting your guard down can be a good thing. Around Virgo, Scorpio feels both grounded and heard. When life gets crazy or stressful, Scorpio can go to Virgo for stability, and Virgo’s open-mindedness makes it easy for Scorpio to open up without judgment. Are they the cutest together, or what?

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Libra and Pisces

If Libra and Pisces had a motto for their relationship, it would definitely center around learning how to love and be loved. There is a lot of love in this pairing, but there’s also a lot of learning. Luckily for both zodiac signs, Libra and Pisces are both advocates for change and adapting to each other’s needs. That means no fighting and a lot of communication.

Libra appreciates Pisces most for their inspiring, “go get ‘em” attitude. Pisces loves being Libra’s cheerleader and champion because they know how special it is to get the same treatment from Libra. Pisces is exciting to Libra, who often flocks to people who are enthusiastic and bubbly. While it may take Pisces some time to open up and seriously commit to Libra, knowing that Libra can adapt to any mood changes makes Pisces feel like they can grow and learn in an accepting environment.

Additionally, Pisces and Libra share similar values and visions for the future, which makes these two zodiac signs more than just a pair. They’re soulmates, too.

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