How You Subconsciously View Yourself, Based On Your Moon Sign

Your moon sign affects the way you perceive yourself.

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In astrology, the moon rules our emotions and emotional life. It represents our basic habits that are deeply ingrained, including our reactions and unconscious, meaning much of our self-image is influenced by our moon sign. We could almost look at the moon as the mediator between the inner and outer world, our feelings and reactions.

According to astrologer Ethan Paisley, the moon sign represents our inner self-image.



Aries moon's self-image

If you have an Aries moon, you see yourself as a warrior, willing to fight for your personal beliefs and those of you love. You are bold and can be quite impulsive and hot-tempered at times. You crave adventure and spontaneity and won’t stand for others trying to repress or hold you back. You are likely a positive person with a lot of ambition and enthusiasm. 


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Taurus moon's self-image

If you are a Taurus moon, you typically have an even keel and are generally happy. Your inner confidence typically secures you in most situations and you have no trouble believing you are destined for great things. You crave beauty and luxurious living and must have peace and harmony to feel secure. You are into self-care, and change and disruption are not only unwelcome but can represent some of your worst fears.

Gemini moon's self-image

If you have a Gemini moon, to feel nurtured and secure, you must be able to combine your intellectual life with your emotional life. You see yourself as naturally positive and typically self-confident, and at times, you feel a need to impress others. You cannot stand boredom or being around others who can’t keep up intellectually. You will not tolerate being tied down to someone who is jealous or controlling and need autonomy to feel emotionally nourished.


Cancer moon's self-image

If you have a Cancer moon, feeling safe and secure is everything to you and you are aware of this. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so you have a celestial connection to the magical nighttime luminary and can come alive during a full moon. The moon changes signs every 24 hours and your moods and feelings generally fluctuate with the moon but you may not see this yourself as easily as others do. You see yourself as a protector and nurturer but must remember to use these qualities on yourself. Your instincts and intuition are generally right on point. Cancer must strive to have stable moods at all times, especially when young. When a Cancer is up, the world is at their feet — but when they are down, no depth can be too low.

Leo moon's self-image

If you have a Leo moon, you probably see yourself as being pretty attractive and dynamic (and right most of the time). You know you are a social dynamo and someone who attracts attention easily and loves it. You are a positive person with a typically upbeat personality but you may have trouble with criticism or those who disagree with you.

Virgo moon's self-image

If you have a Virgo moon you are sensitive and sympathetic of others and are willing to help, but perhaps don't provide the same grace when it comes to yourself. Your emotional nature is linked to planet Mercury, your ruler. Mercury is not emotional or impulsive so you are quite composed when it comes to emotional expression and you are never reactionary. For this reason, friends and loved ones turn to you in times of crisis and you become their rock.

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Libra moon's self-image

If you have a Libra moon you are probably in love with the idea of love and usually feel you are better off with a partner and are quite self-aware of this. You admire beauty and are probably an attractive person yourself. You have superpowers when it comes to beauty and balance, which may take many different forms in your world. You are best in balanced and positive situations and disharmony or ugly emotions or emotional scenes tend to throw you off balance.

Scorpio moon's self-image

If you have a Scorpio moon you probably doubt yourself at times, as well as others. Your thoughts may be heavy and dark in certain situations and you can be quite suspicious (as well as jealous) and take things too seriously at times. You are complex and if there is any word that expresses a Scorpio moon, it is 'intense'. Personal self-understanding is key to anyone with a Scorpio moon and as you grow and get more in tune with yourself you will notice your propensity for self-growth and others being drawn to you for your emotional wisdom.

Sagittarius moon's self-image

If you have a Sagittarius moon, you see yourself as someone always on the go, looking for the next adventure. You cherish your independence and self-determination and actualization above everything else. You have unwavering optimism in yourself and generally your place in the world so you are typically confident. Integrity and honesty are extremely important to you but you may at times hold back on honesty in emotional situations if you feel that you will come out as the loser.

Capricorn moon's self-image

If you have a Capricorn moon, you are always striving for self-betterment. You are not someone who has your head in the clouds; you prefer a practical approach to life and emotions. You have a strong sense of responsibility and don’t like letting others down. You know you can be counted on because you seldom miss any details whether in your personal or business life. You can benefit by injecting some self-compassion into your own personal image of yourself.


Aquarius moon's self-image

If you have an Aquarius moon you may feel as though you don’t always fit in with others, and as a result, may say shocking or unexpected things because you like keeping people on their toes and surprising them with your words and actions. Personal freedom and autonomy are an emotional necessity to you, and you must be able to operate independently. At heart, you are a social butterfly but need plenty of time to ponder the mysteries of life. Friendship comes above all else in emotional relationships.

Pisces moon's self-image

If you have a Pisces moon, grounding yourself may be difficult because boundaries can be blurred quite easily, ending in anxiety or exhaustion. You are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and your feelings toward others are almost always tender — even when they shouldn’t be. You are intuitive and creative and prefer to operate on this level and you find it difficult to let go of emotional attachments. You may be prone to self-sacrifice for others until you get a strong grip on your own needs or become more mature.

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