The Complete 2024 Aries Horoscope, Broken Down By Month

The 2024 Aries horoscope theme is about listening to your inner wisdom.

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This year helps you tune back into what it is that you want for your life as the 2024 Aries horoscope theme is about listening to your inner wisdom.

Yearly Aries horoscope 2024 highlights

The new eclipse cycle has just shifted into Aries and Libra for the next year, which means that it will be a powerful portal of change for you. With the North Node in Aries, you will be guided to feel more empowered, to honor what it is that you want for your life and to trust yourself more when making important decisions. At the same time, the South Node in Libra will bring up lessons involving your relationships, but take this as the gift it is because you can't upgrade until you learn what it is you're meant to.  


April brings your new moon solar eclipse in Aries, which will echo back to the Aries eclipse that occurred in April of 2023. Reflect on that time and what was beginning to surface within yourself, especially in terms of what you want your life to be like and what shifts or opportunities you hope to attract. This Aries eclipse could make you take some dramatic stand on a personal issue and will help you honor what it is you want, even if it ruffles a few feathers in the process.  

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In order to make the most of the energy in the year ahead, you have to remember that you can't make everyone else happy. Whether it's about your life decisions or your relationship, you first have to work on honoring what it is that will bring happiness to your life and then trust that those who are meant to be in your life will. Pluto in Aquarius will intensify this theme as you see the circle of those who surround you shift in positive ways as you feel you can take the dreams you've had and make them into the reality you get to live.

Remain open to change and honor whatever it is you feel called to pursue because everything that you are seeking in life already exists within yourself.  


Best day: Saturday, January 20 

The year ahead can best be described as a time to shake things up. Listen to your inner voice, believe in your dreams, and start surrounding yourself with people who can help make them a reality.


In January, Pluto shifts into Aquarius, highlighting themes of manifesting your dreams, along with getting out from any rut you've been in, becoming more social and even tapping into the resources that surround you. This would be an excellent time to plan a weekend away with friends and to open up about anything you're hoping to accomplish this year, whether it's a new educational path, home, or even moving to another country for a while. You are being urged to bring in new people to your life and even new ways of looking at things as you start the year off strong by embracing all you desire and leaving the old behind in 2023.

Mercury will also station direct in Sagittarius, which will help your travel plans or even in applying to jobs or colleges, so take advantage of this fresh wave of energy in the best way you can.  


Best day: Friday, February 9 

February arrives with an intensifying theme around your eleventh house, which Aquarius rules. This is commonly known as the house of friendship, but it also governs your hopes, dreams, wishes, the support you receive from others and even the capacity you have to take ownership of your life. Pluto in this part of your life represents that there is a longer path ahead, one that is full of excitement and fulfillment, but the Aquarius New Moon does offer a significant turning point. 


As the new moon in Aquarius rises, Pluto, Sun, and Mercury will all be highlighting your need to make dramatic changes in your life. Shortly after the lunation, Mars and Venus will shift into this air sign as well, creating a powerful stellium of new energy.



Your greatest focus in February will be to incorporate more new opportunities into your life, along with believing in yourself again. This is a high-energy month that will help you achieve whatever it is you're dreaming of. Just remember that even a small step forward will have a significant impact on your future.


Best day: Sunday, March 3 


March begins with the last quarter moon in Sagittarius, which is actually coming in at the perfect time after the influx of the free-spirited energy of Aquarius in February. Sagittarius rules your house of expansion, but a last quarter moon is about releasing something, so this is the time to let go of the way that others have envisioned you'd live your life so you can make room for what you really want. This may be choosing to go somewhere different to college than where your family attended, or maybe it's leaving the family business and striking off on your own. Use the last quarter moon to reflect on what you need to leave behind so you can make the most of the future-orientated energy of 2024.  

March also brings the new moon in Pisces in the house of your subconscious so that you may feel a little more introverted around the middle of the month. This may stir up feelings of guilt or moments of healing as you continue to honor your inner truth but continue to trust that it's all for a higher purpose, especially as the Libra eclipse occurs at the end of the month. You may experience dramatic shifts in your personal relationships around this time, but you need to allow that so you can continue to focus on what you really want for your life.

Remember, love should help you become more of who you are and not have you sacrificing any of the dreams you have for your life.  


Best day: Monday, April 8 


April is best described as your personal expression of freedom, and it's just in time for your solar return, when the sun crosses the very point in the sky it was in when you were born, representing a source of personal empowerment.

While the solar eclipse new moon in Aries is your source of the greatest energy this month, make sure that you are going in with a clear head about what it is that you really want for your life. You may find yourself having to have some rough conversations around this time as you assert your truth or even put new boundaries in place. Your life is yours and no one else's, which means as much as you try to make choices that can benefit others in your life, you also need to feel like you can make your own decisions.  

Mercury stations retrograde in Aries in April, along with Venus moving into your fire sign as well. This brings heavy reflection and self-love energy as you are truly being guided to focus on yourself right now. As much as you are embracing new friendships and opportunities in your life, make sure to give yourself time to reflect on your dreams. If you are applying to anything new, like a specific program, or are looking to begin something during this time in your life, it is heavily favored or encouraged.

Make sure that you let yourself take action this month, as it's not just about dreaming or having conversations with others but truly seizing an important opportunity as it arises.


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Best day: Thursday, May 23 

The full moon in Sagittarius rises in May and highlights anything related to travel, education, or even spirituality. Use this energy to take a weeklong or even one-day retreat where you can break up the status quo, experience something new and learn more about yourself. You may also finally be ready to take a big step forward and may be embarking on an important trip around this time or even finally making that move that you've been planning.  

While much of the energy this year has been about ensuring you are honoring what you want and beginning to branch out in new ways, May finally brings some fulfillment. Remember that what comes to fruition now is the result of the work you've been putting in, and make sure that you're allowing yourself time to enjoy it.


Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius, calling into question your motivation for the relationships you've formed in your life, along with how you've been going about making necessary changes in your life. Let yourself be open to seeing the truth, not just about a connection in your life, but also your actions, to ensure that you are moving in integrity and truth.


Best day: Sunday, June 9 

Asteroid Vesta shifts into Leo in June, helping you to reconnect with that dream of happiness you've been carrying forward. Vesta represents your internal flame, which is connected to what you feel compelled to create or take action on. In Leo, it's all about happiness, joy, and pleasure. Of course, you need to make sure that you're focusing on what this means in the long term, which is the difference between a momentary whim and something, or even someone, that is part of the ultimate life you want to live.  

While planets being retrograde are often thought of as unfavorable, for you, it's nothing but good news as Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces. In your twelfth house of the subconscious, this period represents one of immense growth in friendships, finances, spiritual growth and even in feeling like you can finally be seen for who you are.


Although Pluto is retrograde in Aquarius, this time is more about deciding to change things up positively in your life. Travel to visit friends who have moved away or open yourself up to some of the new connections in your life as you get to know one another better. While this year has you becoming more independent and honoring your inner truth, it's also about making positive connections with others that will help you on your path forward, so make sure you invest in those beneficial relationships.


Best day: Tuesday, July 2 

Mercury shifts into Leo, which is your sector of joy and happiness and is everything that you've been focusing on building more of this year. Mercury will station retrograde in this area of your life in August and can bring mixed results; however, with Saturn and Aquarius both encouraging new paths, connections, and opportunities, this retrograde should be more about how you creatively figure out solutions to previous challenges.  

Mercury in Leo may bring a strain to certain relationships in your life, especially if, to honor your truth, you have to start changing how you do things. But try to refrain from doing anything to please others during this time. Instead, look at the big picture and figure out how you can continue to move ahead even if it's different than you had anticipated.


With Aquarius energy so prevalent in your chart this year, you may have to break free from certain social norms and embrace more of your rebellious nature. You may find yourself wanting to take a gap year, embark on a humanitarian mission, or even become a digital nomad as you work to create more of the life you want. In your relationships, it's important to remember that something unconventional may work best now, so a long-distance love or even another type of arrangement may feel like it gives you the freedom you need.


Best day: Monday, August 19 

August will have Mercury retrograde in both Virgo and Leo. While Leo's energy will help you creatively solve obstacles or challenges, Virgo can have you looking at how to support your well-being better. If you're feeling restricted around this time, you may become more argumentative or frustrated by others, so it's important to watch your temper. However, if you can look for when and where that frustration arises, you can also better understand what needs to change to support you more healthily.  

Despite the period of reflection and learning how to do better this month, the full moon in Aquarius rises in the sector of your wishes. You should be able to see that by slowing down and paying attention to what it is you want for your life, you are now reaping the rewards of that in your life. Expect to hear some positive news about a new direction you've hoped to take your life in by way of a job, educational program, or even a significant relationship. Just be wary of beginning anything new this month, as Mercury retrograde does support past reflection, but not something brand-new like a job or relationship.


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Best day: Sunday, September 8 

Asteroid Pallas shifts into Sagittarius in September and helps you to focus on the future once again. After a more introverted period, you start to exit that a bit and feel more confident in yourself and the decisions you are making. Pallas rules over intuition, wisdom, and the ability to take a stand for what you genuinely are passionate about. In Sagittarius, this will help you honor and trust in the dreams you have for your future as you know that whatever life path, career, or educational choice you're making is the one that is meant for you.  

You also get a sneak preview of what the second half of 2025 will bring as the Pisces full moon lunar eclipse rises in September. Pisces represents the deepest part of your life and heart, so as this full moon peaks, you may find yourself craving quieter, peace, and the nurturing of close personal relationships — which you've been building throughout this year. Because of the spiritual aspect of Pisces and this part of your life, taking a yoga or meditation class, or even doing a guided one on your favorite app, can help you integrate the deeper realization this lunar event may bring up.



Best day: Thursday, October 17 

This year has been brewing with change for you, and in October, it will reach a moment of fruition as the full moon in Aries rises just as Venus shifts into Sagittarius. The full moon and the North Node in Aries represent a time of true empowerment and divine trust within yourself as Venus in Sagittarius invites you to embark on a new journey in your life.

Much of what you've been planning will begin this month, or you'll reach the point of feeling more settled into the point where you can enjoy it. Venus represents love, finances, and real estate, so anything around these themes is what will dominate your life this month. Manifesting your dreams should always bring a moment of gratitude, even if it feels like other areas of your life need to change in the process.  


There is a great deal of Gemini, Libra, and Scorpio energy around you this month as well, which brings in themes of communication and transformation, especially related to close relationships. But to have things genuinely change in your life, you have to embrace it. Rarely is there a situation where you can pick and choose what you want, and instead, you must learn it's more a process of surrender. Try to hold space for important conversations, but also recognize when there may not be anything else to talk about. You may always have those in your life who will see your growth as a threat to themselves, but the journey continues evolving, trusting that it will always turn out how it's meant to.  

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Best day: Saturday, November 2 

November is a month of immense growth. As Saturn stations direct in Pisces, Pluto makes its final steps into Aquarius (where it will remain for the next twenty years) and there is an influx of Sagittarius and Leo energy. As Saturn stations direct, you will be able to see the process of developing more meaningful friendships, a better reputation, and even financial stability in your life. Pluto in Aquarius will also bring that free-moving energy to once again start focusing on your dreams and those in your life who can help make them a reality.


There will be important conversations in November about the future. As long as you are clear on the direction you want to take your life or even an important relationship in your life, then this is when you will be able to see how much has changed in the past year.  

Mars and Mercury both shift into Sagittarius but will soon station retrograde as well, so there is a planning process here regarding what the next steps are in your journey. Because this energy rules expansion, abundance, travel and new opportunities, this era represents more conversations, reflection and new awareness than actually striking out and taking action. Be sure to reflect on what arises, mainly as Mars retrograde may also finally help you see where you need to take action on similar themes that emerged during Venus retrograde in Leo in 2023.

Life is truly a spiral, and as you return to similar themes, you are now able to incorporate more knowledge so you can make different choices.


Best day: Saturday, December 7 


Venus, the planet that rules love, finances and real estate, will shift into Aquarius, joining Pluto and helping you to reflect on what it is you hope or wish for in your life. This serves as a check-in period for you, primarily until the middle of the month, while Mercury is still retrograde in Sagittarius. Use this time not to make any big moves or put in applications for college or jobs but to reflect on the choices you've made so far this year.

With this year beginning and ending with a Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, there is an important lesson about your future, growth and expanding into all the places you never even considered. To make the most of this energy, you also need to ensure that you are moving in ways your future self will be grateful for. Once Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius, the second half of the month centers around positive conversations about what the new year will hold. However, any new actions, such as travel or moving into your place, should be held off until the start of 2025.

There is an element of career, purpose or professional life that you'll be reflecting on at the end of the year as Capricorn energy starts to filter in. You may have been returning to school or thinking of changing your major, but no immediate decisions need to be made just yet. Instead, hold space for your growth, knowing that after all you've been through and all you've accomplished, the world is yours for the taking.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator.