The Meaning Of Solar Eclipses In Each Zodiac Sign

Each solar eclipse affects a different area of life depending on the zodiac sign it's in.

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Solar eclipse energy is challenging, exciting and new. When the Nodes enter a new sign, collectively we can feel out of place because we have to adapt to this new potent force that is changing our world. But eclipses promote evolutions and transformations within. It is a great opportunity to let go and free ourselves from bad habits. Eclipses are also tied to endings and new beginnings.

See how the energy of each sign impacts the collective.


Solar eclipse meaning and influence in each sign

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Solar eclipse in Aries

The eclipse in the sign of Aries shows us collectively how to break things apart and be content with it. Why? Because this is the time when we will all be inspired to rebuild and start fresh once again. Aries is associated with fearlessness and freedom. It is an advantageous time to educate ourselves more, become more emotionally aware and trust ourselves. This is where we begin to see things in a new light and have new perspectives that help us feel much more empowered in our journey.


Solar eclipse in Taurus

Venusian eclipses are linked to relationships, but when it is happening in fixed sign Taurus, this can also be about adding more value to our romantic lives. We can become disillusioned with a partner if we are in a relationship during this time. The eclipse in this sign will make it easier to let go if the relationship is not working out. We will also be more concerned with reshaping how we earn our income and may be concerned with adding multiple streams of it. Taurus energy makes us practical spenders or great at splurging. 

Solar eclipse in Gemini

This represents a powerful time that brings new opportunities to learn and experience the world in a new way. When the eclipse is in this sign, collectively, we can see how people become more united and connected through different forms of communication. It is a transit that helps us all reframe our thinking and develop more compassion for our fellow man. We enjoy being practical, but also long for love during this transit. Gemini is about balancing and all of us will learn how to balance our heart's needs without letting the logical side get the best of us.

Solar eclipse in Cancer

Developing emotional intelligence will be one of the outcomes of this transit. The water energy encourages all of us to be more connected with our feelings and be transparent. For the people who enjoy bottling up what they feel because they see it as a sign of weakness, this transit can be challenging. There is a lot of power in learning more about what we feel and this transit will be our teacher and guru whether we like it or not. There is power in feeling and once we understand that, the healing can begin.

Solar eclipse in Leo

Understanding how to be in control when in the spotlight is essential during this transit. Collectively, we learn how to step out of our comfort zone when there is Leo's exuberance. It is a period where we tap into the artist that has been dormant and show the world the masterpieces we have created. We will feel like we can take on the world because the Sun is ruling this eclipse and the ego needs to shine. It's a great time to rise if we have ever felt unworthy and let the world know that we deserve to be recognized and appreciated.


Solar eclipse in Virgo

One of the potent transits that teach us a lot about love, devotion, and how to share it. The eclipse in Virgo can feel encouraging but will also leave us confused once we break the cycle. We are tested to see how much love we are giving to ourselves after the eclipse in Leo. We are reminded to show ourselves grace and compassion and to not be so critical. Once we learn to give ourselves love, Mercury makes us more practical with how we give our love and express it to others. Love during this transit can be abundant but only reserved for the ones that deserve it.

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Solar eclipse in Libra

Because this is another cardinal eclipse, the focus may be on abandoning old thinking patterns and seeing different sides to ourselves. But Libra is also linked to Venus, the planet of love and romance. We can expect to see upheavals in our romantic relationships because the eclipse wants us to shake things up to test our value system. A weak relationship usually fizzles during an eclipse in Libra but we also have the opportunity to meet someone that can transform us during this transit.

Solar eclipse in Scorpio

Releasing and transforming are at the core of these eclipses in the Scorpio and Taurus axis. The Martian and Plutonian dynamic can make it feel like we have entered a new dimension. But don’t worry because the lessons achieved during this time will help our souls grow. We make peace with the past and it is essential to do so to move forward. Scorpio is a fixed sign that wants to hold on, but letting go will help us evolve much faster. We learn how to find the courage within and learn not to close our hearts; instead, we learn to be receptive to the love that comes our way.


Solar eclipse in Sagittarius

Jupiter-ruled eclipses can feel good but too much of it can also feel overwhelming. We have to learn to create a balance and put in the work so that we can create a solid foundation. Eclipses here may push the collective to escape or start something new that is different from what we may be accustomed to. The adventurer in us is awakened and we can travel to new places, meet people from different cultures, and learn more about the world around us. 

Solar eclipse in Capricorn

During an eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, we are tested to see just how good we are with our responsibilities in all aspects of our lives. Abiding by rules and respecting them can be a manifestation of this transit. We are also pushed to mature in the career and academic realms. While this transit can feel suffocating, Saturn applies the pressure so that we can uncover our potential. The people we meet at this time will be inspirational and motivating for all of us since they can help us dream bigger.

Solar eclipse in Aquarius

Back-to-back Saturn Saturn-ruled eclipses are all about maintaining alignment and doing things with more structure in our lives. Capricorn eclipse season teaches us about succeeding in our fields and Aquarian energy is all about becoming guides and mentors. There is a vibrancy here linked to ego and self-expression. We will see how collectively we shift how we articulate ourselves and learn how to build better affinities with those in our community. A transit that encourages us to be selfless through helping others.

Solar eclipse in Pisces

If you have been giving your love and heart away with ease, the energy during the eclipse in Pisces is telling us collectively to withhold our love for the time being until we see things clearly. Having the eclipse here is about shattering the rose-colored glasses we have with friends, romantic partners, and even romantic relationships. There is a strong need to release so we can come back to ourselves and learn to value who we are.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.