What Does A Capricorn Look Like??

If your zodiac sign can determine your physical traits, what do Capricorns look like?

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People born under the Capricorn zodiac sign have birthdays between December 21 - January 20. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of time, tenacity, authority, and productivity, so Capricorns are often hardy, ambitious, tenacious, serious, and have no problem with delayed gratification. 

But astrology can determine more than just your personality traits. In fact, many times those who share the same zodiac sign also have similar physical traits and characteristics.


So what do Capricorns look like?

To answer that, you need to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and see if one or more of these are in the zodiac sign Capricorn — although you will look more strongly like one if you have two or all three of these signs in Capricorn!

Your Sun sign reflects what you are like in your soul. It will be obvious in the way you walk, talk, and also your hair (or hairline). Your Rising sign (or Ascendant) reveals how you come across to the world. This will be obvious in your mannerisms and physical appearance. The Moon sign affects your emotional temperament and your mind. It reveals itself through your voice, the shape of your face, and also the way you think.


Now let's find out about the physical appearance and features of a Capricorn Sun, Moon, and/or Rising.

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What does a Capricorn look like?

First of all, Capricorn rules bones and teeth in medical astrology. That's why people with Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Rising signs tend to have really beautiful smiles with strong teeth and a pronounced jawline. You can see this in Timothée Chalamet who has a Capricorn Sun, and Reese Witherspoon who has a Capricorn Moon. They also have prominent eyebrows and cheekbones.

The Capricorn zodiac sign also blesses its natives with a strong skeletal structure and a sturdy build. But they do not come across as heavy-set like Taurus. Instead, Capricorn people are lithe in appearance, just like the mountain goats that easily limber up the toughest mountainside. You can see this in Dolly Parton who is a Capricorn Sun. 


Capricorns are short to medium in height... unless they have prominent air sign placements in their birth chart, which gives them a lanky but strong build.

Capricorn people also have a very stoic appearance and their eyes are sharp and piercing. Dakota Johnson with her Capricorn Rising is a great example of this.

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The most interesting thing about the Capricorn zodiac sign's appearance is how timeless they look. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is the planet of time and maturity. This is why Capricorns tend to look old when they are young and somehow seem to look young when they are old. They age like fine wine. You can see this in Brad Pitt who has a Capricorn Moon.


As for their hair, Capricorns have good hair with strong roots. A lot of them even tend to have very thick hair.

Capricorns are serious by nature. They like to take well-considered actions and don't like to do things twice. They are one of the most well-prepared zodiac signs, whether it's in their job, school, social circle, or a zombie apocalypse.

Naturally ambitious, Capricorns are high-achieving and good at delaying gratification and skipping over short-term gains to hit the bullseye where it will last. They are great at building empires and organizations. Capricorns like to study first, and take action second. They believe in the slow and steady approach. But with time, experience, and their natural inclination to make things efficient, Capricorns can be extremely swift and deadly.


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