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Zodiac Signs Who Love Kids Vs. The Ones Who Don't Plan On Having Children

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Zodiac Signs Who Love Kids Vs. The Ones Who Don't Plan On Having Any, According To Astrology

There are some zodiac signs out there who are amazing with children.

They know exactly how to relate to them, they know how to take care of them, and they do it all so flawlessly.

They might be babysitting or just spending time with a friend and their kids, but no matter what, there's always those few zodiac signs who know exactly what they're doing when they're with kids.

These zodiac signs love children, and one day, if they haven't already they want to have kids of their own. 

They have dreamed of starting a family with the right person and look forward to the whole package deal when it comes to raising a child of their own. 

In fact, some of these zodiac signs have horoscopes that they won't just be open to having children of their own, they will love your child as if they were their own.

They love kids THAT much.

You can actually find out by studying certain zodiac sign horoscope traits to guess which zodiac signs will struggle more than others when it comes to raising a kid. 

They may be so driven and committed to their personal freedom, that when it comes to being responsible to a little person with a mind of their own, they freeze. 

It's hard to take your focus off yourself and turn it towards a mind of a child who wants to have their own way. When this happens, these zodiac signs look like they have absolutely no idea how to act around children — like me.

It's not that they wouldn't never, ever, ever consider becoming a parent, it's just that it would be challenging because the job is such a high calling. 

So, we're always a little awkward or we try treating them like little adults when they're definitely not, but some zodiac signs just aren't that great with kids.

But whether or not you know how to handle other people's children doesn't really have any bearing on your own kids. Even if you're awkward around kids, you can still end up being an amazing parent.

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That said, parenthood isn't in the cards for every zodiac sign. Maybe you just don't ever see yourself getting married and starting a family.

Or maybe you just don't really like the thought of all the responsibility that comes with having children. Trust me, I get it.

My best friend just had a baby and while it was great to see them both when we caught up for dinner, her baby slept most of the time.

When her baby woke up, it was just a little ball of giggles and smiles when she was awake.

I can't imagine having to deal with the times when her baby isn't as happy because I know that parenthood is no walk in the park.

It takes a lot of effort to be a good parent because having a baby is a LOT of work!

And so from that perspective, it makes sense that some zodiac signs just aren't cut out for that kind of life.

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For me, it's a personal choice – I just don't see marriage or babies in my future and I'm totally comfortable with that.

I would rather devote my future to the priorities I do want for myself instead of forcing myself to be something I don't want to be.

For other horoscopes, it's really just a matter of waiting for the right time to have children.

But every zodiac sign has their own preferences when it comes to parenthood, as well as different reasons for wanting to do what they want.

So, to find out where your horoscope stands, here are the zodiac signs who love kids vs. the ones who don't see themselves having them, according to astrology.

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, you definitely want to have kids. You love them, and raising a child comes naturally to you because you remember what it was like to be one yourself.

You are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is known as the planet of maturity. If any zodiac sign is ready to have kids, it's definitely you.

You have always been more of the family-oriented horoscope signs and whenever you're spending quality time with your own family, it makes you think about how excited you are to start a family of your own.

You have a paternal energy inside of you, which means that — even if you're not a parent yet — you tend to exude some of the same qualities a parent has, like patience, devotion to the ones you love, and loyalty to the things that matter most to you.

This is often why you're considered the "mom friend" or "dad friend" in your squad; you're the one who takes care of everyone since they kind of feel like your own family.

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2. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, you are parent material. Even your body is made for having children, astrologically speaking. You are the horoscope sign of the crab, which is the only animal of the zodiac that carries its home on its back.

That means that you find comfort in your family, no matter where you are. You're a patient and nurturing person who already loves working with kids.

There's just something about them that brings out your sensitive, caring nature. You also exhibit a maternal energy, which explains how you're always willing to take care of friends and family without a second thought.

If someone is sick, you're the one who brings them homemade soup and stays by their side until they get better. This caregiver nature of yours is what's going to make you a great parent... and make it hard for you to let your kids grow up.

3. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, if anyone wants to have children, it's you. You've always been a lover of family and children, but you aren't one to rush into things just because you like the thought of having a kid.

You know that good things take time, so you would much rather make sure that you're cultivating a strong relationship with someone first before deciding to have children. That said, you still dream about the day you can be a parent.

You are the creator of the zodiac – you know how to roll up your sleeves and build a strong foundation before creating masterpieces in life (and yes, starting a family counts as a masterpiece).

You're the parent who thinks that your kids are the best of the best (obviously) and as a patient, supportive, and dedicated person, you're the parent who inspires others to be better.

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4. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, you are a natural caregiver and this includes being the fun parent with a bunch of kids around you. The thought of having children of your own one day is something that thrills you to no end.

You love the idea of sharing your life with someone and creating a family with them, but you do have one caveat — you want to make sure that the relationship you're in is absolutely perfect first before you talk about children you don't want to bring kids into a less than perfect world.

You have always been drawn to commitment and partnership in life, whether that's in your professional life, your personal one, or your romantic one.

If you could only have one dream come true in your life, it would be to have someone to love who loves you back unconditionally. Having kids excites you because it's your chance to really prove just how full your heart is.

5. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio, you do everything in your life with intensity — work, love, and play — and when you get an idea in your mind, it can be very hard for you to loosen your grip on it.

So, if you've said that you want to have children once, you've probably never stopped thinking about it since. As a loyal and protective zodiac sign, you make a fierce parent who would do anything for their kids.

You tend to form bonds that last forever, which means that once you've found your forever person, you're ready to have kids and keep them close.

You also have overwhelming feelings of love at all time, so it's not uncommon for you to feel an intense swoop of love for kids. You're also the kind of parent who always says "that's my kid" at sports games and cheers the loudest.

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6. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, you love kids simply because you feel like you were made to be a parent. You've always been fiercely loyal and protective of your loved ones, so being a parent is like a lion or a lioness protecting its cubs.

You won't hesitate to bare your teeth at anyone who hurts your children and you're the one that can teach them everything they need to know about the world. You also love affection and tenderness, and having kids is like having your own little fan club.

You secretly can't wait until you have children just for them to run to you for a big group hug when you come home from work. You're also a great leader (much like the lion) and being able to lead your cubs is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on.

7. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

As a wise zodiac sign, you would be the perfect parent to impart wisdom and knowledge to your children. You're the one people tend to go to for help or advice anyway, so having your own kids to teach would be a very rewarding experience for you. You can't deny that you love being around kids, but you also want to make sure that you're ready before you have your own.

You get along great with children because you both share that love for fantasy and dreams. You are probably a really great babysitter because you know how to make even a few hours feel like an adventure in a fantasy land. Your dream is to find unconditional love in this world before you have kids. Of course, from your family and friends, but also from your romantic relationships.

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8. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, you're on the fence on whether or not you'll have kids. You can't say that you want to have kids, but you also can't say that you don't want to, either. You have a bucket list of things that you want to check off before you even think about settling down, but you still have a heart full of love that you just can't wait to share with someone special.

For now, you want to focus on yourself and your own needs. If you do decide to have children, your encouraging and devoted nature is what would make you a good parent.

You care deeply about the people in your life, but you can also be a little bit bossy. You would be the strict parent with a heart of gold; the one who might put their foot down often but still teaches their kids how to be confident and unstoppable.

9. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, you don't have a problem with kids at all – you like them, in fact – but you're not chomping at the bit to have any of your own right now. You like spending time with your friends' children because you get to see them when they're being cute (and you get to leave when things start to get less than fun).

You're a very wise zodiac sign — another person to impart wisdom onto younger minds — but you also love adventure and the thrill of a crazy life. You've got a lot of stuff going on in your life right now to think about having kids, so you put the thought on the back burner for now. If anything, you're more like the cool aunt or uncle than a parent, which you're totally fine with.

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10. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, you love dedicating yourself to causes and people that matter to you, but you're not someone who automatically equates those traits into ones you can use as a parent.

Sure, you like being there for your friends and babysitting their kids, but you're not entirely sure that children are in your own future. You're better at setting rules and being in control as a sitter, not a parent.

You're very practical about keeping your wants and your needs separate. You might want to have kids one day, but you know that you need to focus on your work and yourself first.

You're also very picky with high standards, so it might be hard for you to consider settling down with someone and having kids until you know without a reasonable doubt that this is what you want.

11. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, there's a good chance you don't want to have children simply because you haven't put any thought into it. You're very honest about what you want in life, as well as honest about what you don't want.

If kids aren't in your future, you're just gonna say it! And as close friends and family will say, you can sometimes be a little too reckless and unpredictable to be a parent.

You do like making the rules from time to time, but you want to be in charge of your own life. Even if you do want to have children in the very distant future, you're more into being selfish and doing the things you want to do right now; not what you need to do.

You have a lot of growing first before you can think about kids and you're definitely not worried about it right now.

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12. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, children freak you out sometimes because you don't always know how to connect with them on a level that makes you both comfortable.

You are also not ready for the responsibility that comes with kids because it makes you feel like you're tied down to one path in life — rather than having the opportunity to do whatever you want.

You can be a little guarded and detached when it comes to cultivating relationships with children, but that doesn't mean you hate them.

You want a life full of variety and open doors; you're a more modern and free zodiac sign that needs to explore everything life has to offer you. Simply put, you just don't plan on having kids.

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