The Astrologer's Guide To Parenting An Aries Child

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Parenting an Aries child can definitely be challenging! Aries is a powerful fire sign, ruled by Mars, the planet of action

Aries children, or those with personal planets in Aries (including the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus), have an energetic yet restless approach to life. They have more energy than other children, are very brave and have huge love for life, adventure and fun, so they need to constantly be busy. They are full of fire and love to learn and try new things. They are natural-born leaders, decisive (and confrontational at times), creative, energetic and have tremendous willpower and potential.

Aries children tend to approach things with a me-first attitude and they tend to be self-absorbed or even selfish at times. Aries children are naturally impulsive and lean toward just doing things on impulse as opposed to thinking them through. They are more high-spirited than other children and often have no problem overstepping the limits parents, teachers or others put on them.

Children born under the sign of Aries are also prone to temper tantrums. They can have problems keeping their emotions under control. While they may fly into a tantrum quickly, it usually ends just as quickly and they don’t hang onto anger for long. Like a summer storm, it begins quickly and ends just as quickly.

Aries kids are ambitious and determined once they focus on something and quite stubborn when they form an opinion about something. At times they may only trust their own opinion or idea over anyone else’s, which can make them a bit difficult to deal with. On the other hand, these children are naturally generous, eager, quick and typically very bright and loving.

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is all about starting things, doing things, and taking action. They are also very passionate and at times fiery.

As Personal and Family Astrologer and TikTok creator Lorena Mitoi explains, “the negative side of Aries, which is often portrayed in children, is that they are very aggressive; they make a lot of noise and they don’t have any patience. So as a parent (who probably hasn't had some time to sleep in a while) you are going to feel very tired chasing them all around the block.”



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How to parent an Aries child

While Aries children can be among the most difficult to raise because of all of the above-mentioned traits, in the end, if they are directed appropriately they can shine in life and their potential is unlimited.

“If you want to make it more manageable," @astro.lorena continues, "I recommend you give them physical activities and questions with quick responses. So if they’re whining about something and they're being a little bit aggressive, you can say 'quickly! let’s rush to the bedroom.' You can give them mental problems and tell them to solve them really quickly, or you can ask them to literally shake the energy off.”

According to @astro.lorena, it is important to talk to the child about why they have so much energy. Let them know "they actually have a talent to start things and to bring passion into the world. Don’t just say things like 'oh, you are so aggressive, you’re so tiring...can you just sit down and do something for once without screaming.”

She concludes that it is important to "acknowledge their desire to lead and give them options" and "authority over their own life" within reason.

Develop and work with your Aries child’s best qualities which include generosity, friendliness, being outgoing and positive, coming up with new ideas and taking the initiative.

Being sedentary is not good for an Aries child. Make sure they have plenty of physical activities like playing, dancing, running, jumping and exploring. An Aries child loves to go places and learn. Take them to museums, zoos, historic places and they will absorb new experiences like a sponge.

Make sure they spend time around other children. Aries doesn’t do well alone. They need to mingle with others and learn social skills appropriate to their age. Use this opportunity to teach them others have a point of view that may clash with their own. It is important for them to understand they are not the only ones with an opinion.

Give them tasks to start and finish and make sure they complete things. While they are great at starting things, they can lag when it comes to completing them.

Since Aries children are prone to screaming, arguing and throwing temper tantrums teach them to deal with their anger appropriately and focus on anger management. The worst thing you can do is yell or scream back because they will mimic and feed off your behavior. Instead, focus on re-routing their me-first attitude. This comes naturally to Aries since they are the first sign of the zodiac, but they fare better in life when they learn they can’t always come first.

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