4 Most Misunderstood Moon Signs

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It is easy to judge a book by its cover and when it comes to astrology, many people will judge us by our sun or moon signs the most. However, even though we may have some of the stereotypes of each sign, there will always be many layers to each of our placements.

Here are the most misunderstood moon signs.

Cancer moon

The moon is happiest in the sign of Cancer because it rules this sign. However, many may believe water moons as weak because they see them as highly sensitive and emotional. As a cardinal moon, however, this is one of the strongest moon signs to have and they are the most balanced.

The Cancer moon native is ambitious, driven, extremely industrious, and emotionally aware. They have a plan and will make it their duty to succeed. They are known as the nurturers of the zodiac, and this moon sign can take on a parental or leadership role wherever they are. At home they can play the role of both parents, going out of their way to care for family. At work, they will be good leaders and will treat their employees like family.

It is a moon sign that makes the natives powerful, especially if they have embraced their nurturing qualities. The evolved Cancer moon does not lose their cool, instead, they are diplomats and tacticians, always one step ahead, searching for victory.

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Gemini moon

Being an air moon means people will quickly misinterpret them and call them cold, flighty, lacking commitment, and emotionally unavailable. However, the Gemini moon is quite passionate, helpful, creative, and a hopeless romantic. They want to fall in love.

But the natives with this moon sign may live in their heads, always trying to look to the past, present, and future while not embracing the present. Keeping their attention can seem challenging but when you get to know them you see that they are quite sensitive and appreciate when people take their time with them. They treasure the concept of romance and can get deeply hurt when they fall in love, so they may resort to logic to "control" their emotions.

The evolved Gemini moon will have developed many solid friendships along the way. They will also want to commit and be with their partner without playing games.

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Aquarius moon

Although an Aquarius moon can have a reputation for being emotionally cool, ego-driven, and pompous, this is one of the most nurturing signs in the zodiac. They can be very family-oriented and driven to help those around them succeed. They can be self-sacrificing, especially when they care about the people in their lives.

The Aquarius moon is reluctant to have many people in their close circles. It is easy for them to make friends, but only a few will be considered family. Those who are close friends with them will see how they will be the most reliable, honest, and nurturing. Aquarius moons love making others happy and when this moon sign has learned to value themselves and to appreciate their strengths, it is easy for them to become a beacon of hope and love for others.

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Capricorn moon

Saturn moons may be described as selfish, cold, and too ambitious, However, this is another emotional and deeply romantic moon sign that craves finding someone that they can bond with.

Capricorn moons will go out of their way to protect their hearts, similar to Scorpio moons, so it is hard to read them when you get to know them. Those with this moon sign can be extremely sensitive and need someone with a lot of patience to uncover their hidden side. They will enjoy the thrill of working hard and overachieving because it is within their control.

However, emotions can make them apprehensive because it exposes our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The Capricorn moon does not want someone unworthy to see them when they are the most vulnerable, so they will do what it takes to protect their sensitive hearts. Nevertheless, when this sign trusts the people in their lives, they will be an open book.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.