What The Degree Of Your Moon Sign Reveals About Your Emotional Self

The Moon sign degree reveals what makes us feel emotionally complete.

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Our Moon sign opens us up to a world that helps us to dig deep within and discover how we want to be loved and nurtured. The Moon is a powerful placement in our chart since it links us to our emotional intelligence and what we desire when we are connecting with others, building friendships, and entering romantic partnerships.

The degree of our Moon adds another layer to the complexity of this luminary. This means that although someone can be an Aries Moon, if they have the Moon at seven degrees (ruled by Libra), they may display traits similar to that Venusian sign.


Moon sign degree meanings

While the sign teaches us what others may see when they get to know us, the degree will help us learn what else makes us feel complete emotionally.



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Moon at Aries degrees 1, 13, or 25

Visionary and bold, those who are blessed to have Moon at an Aries degree may be considered to be leaders and trendsetters. Sometimes they may behave impulsively, but it is only when they feel passionate about their goals and dreams. It is a degree of bravery and optimism, with happiness abounding when the native achieves victories. These people also enjoy being surrounded by people who help keep them motivated. They are constantly learning how to adapt and gain more strength. Honesty is important for them since it is a gateway for more improved connections with others.

Moon at Taurus degrees 2, 14, or 26

Artistic, determined, and explosive, the Moon at this degree can bring transformations and help the native feel empowered. Those with this degree can either be extremely ambitious or sedentary. They love to be comfortable and to share their space with people that can bring them peace and calm. The Moon is in its exaltation in the sign of Taurus, so having the Moon at this degree shows someone who knows how to channel their emotions healthily since they know how to set and protect their boundaries.

Moon at Gemini degrees 3, 15, or 27

The degree of communication and need for social connections, this is the degree that thrives in friendship circles or teaching others. They need to stay busy and occupied. The Moon here tends to enjoy having multiple hobbies, which the native ranks in order. Focusing on what brings them passion can help them settle their nervous energy, develop their skills and gain mastery in anything they focus on. The Moon here falls in love through their curious nature.

Moon at Cancer degrees 4, 16, or 28

When the Moon is in a degree of the sign of Cancer, it knows how to be in its element. It will retreat, recharge and put a value on the dynamics that they have with others. The Moon at this degree makes the native popular and others will flock to seek their advice. They have a healing aura, allowing them to provide love and care for family and friends. The Moon in a cardinal degree is powerful because it allows the native to take on leadership roles while showing empathy to those that follow them.


Moon at Leo degrees 5, 17, or 29

This is a pivotal degree because this brings out the star in the native. But how can the star shine when they feel that they need to hide their light? The Moon here may have a flare for the dramatic and they will know what it means to develop resilience and courage. Having the Moon at a Leo degree shows someone who can crave the spotlight but may be apprehensive to show it. This is a magical degree, filled with optimism, self-assurance, and confidence.

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Moon at Virgo degrees 6 or 18

A degree of mastery, self-discovery, and personal growth. Mercury rules this degree, so there is a passion for education. It is the degree for the eternal student and one that allows the native to develop structure and order. Creating solid routines will help them to feel in control and calm. They need to learn to love who they are and their accomplishments for them to continue evolving. It is a degree that teaches the native how to build power from within and be patient with themselves.

Moon at Libra degrees 7 or 19

When the Moon is at a Libra degree, the native will be creative, a good communicator, and will thrive in settings where they can develop a strong and meaningful sense of community so they can protect. These are the people who look out for others and will feel emotionally fulfilled when they are of service, especially to their romantic partners. A cardinal degree, the native can learn to appreciate their independence as they get older.


Moon at Scorpio degrees 8 or 20

The degree of power, change, and reincarnation. Those who have their Moon ruled by a Scorpio degree will be accustomed to changes and metamorphosis. Having the degree in this sign shows someone who will have a fragile and generous heart. They can be devoted romantics, filled with optimism once they allow themselves to forgive and bring more kindness to their world. The Scorpio degree is intuitive and psychic and radiates beauty even in the chaos.

Moon at Sagittarius degrees 9 or 21

When the Moon is at a Sagittarius degree, the degree of the explorer and devoted learner, it shows someone fearless enough to break the mold. However, they enjoy growing with a community while continuing their evolution. This degree tends to go through cycles because of their need to learn more about the world around them. There is a death and rebirth linked to their intellectual pursuits that come with their mutable nature. 

Moon at Capricorn degrees 10 or 22

A degree of strength and fortitude, and one that needs to learn much more about self-forgiveness. While reaching for the stars, those with this degree will set their mind to anything and accomplish it the majority of the time. However, they must learn how to incorporate more self-love and care to recharge and replenish their soul’s needs. The Moon in this degree is a hopeless romantic, but may sacrifice this to create more stable foundations for their journey to the sky.

Moon at Aquarius degrees 11 or 23

The natives with this degree tend to look out for others. They are extremely humanitarian and will show empathy and compassion for the underdog. Looking to the future and not being held by the past is synonymous with the Aquarius degree. This is a degree of the philosophers, the ones that will make others uncomfortable with their ideas. Bringing joy and happiness to others will make them feel emotionally fulfilled.


Moon at Pisces degrees 12 or 24

Power and psychic abilities are linked to this degree. The Piscean degree is filled with empathy for others and the Neptune/Jupiter influences allow them to be emotionally aware of what others experience. The moon in this degree can serve as a magnet for emotional folks. Although they may appear to be scattered and out of control, the moon to this degree is emotionally intelligent. This is the moon of beauty, bravery, and love.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.