Best Aries Colors And Their Meanings

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Those born under the Aries zodiac sign between March 21 to April 19 are bold and sassy, and when you meet one you just know their personality is fiery hot. So, it goes to show that the power color for Aries needs to be vibrant and stand out like this zodiac sign.

Red is the best Aries color.

Red is widely known as the best power color for Aries. The color red brings success, passion, courage, and excitement to Aries.

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With success comes happiness, since they're doing what they love and they're doing it well. With passion comes the ability to do something or multiple things at once while loving every second of it. In terms of having courage, it's the ability to do something without being overly scared, and with the feeling of excitement comes genuinely being enthused with what's at hand.

The first sign of the zodiac as well as a fire sign (which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with red), Aries is born to stand out, and red is by far one of the most prominent colors.

More good colors for Aries



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Blood orange and eggplant

I've grouped these two colors with one another because they both bring energy to Aries. Expect this to be a good type of energy that bestows the power to trek through the hard stuff, even when you don't want to. This could also apply to when you're exhausted but have work to do.


Pink is a good color for Aries to wear because it's good for getting along with others, which is sometimes something that Aries struggle to do. I'm not saying that you have to be best friends with everyone that you cross paths with, but you should at least be friendly enough to the point where people want to talk to you. Even when it comes to the people that you hate the most, the least the two of you could do is exist in peace with one another, and the color pink, which is a subdued version of your power color red, can help with that.


Orange represents creativity and adventure and is believed to bring good luck. With good luck comes good fortune and good things and good energy.

The last thing that anyone should want, including an Aries, is to be that person that sucks the living soul out of others with their negative energy and bad luck. So, with that being established, try wearing orange and let the good luck come to you. Don't go seeking good luck, as it can be difficult to find, but doing the right things can better allow it to come to you for a change.


The color yellow helps with opening up emotionally to others, which is a hard thing to do, to begin with, regardless of if you're an Aries or not. Whether you have to open up to others about what's bothering you or to a therapist about a complex topic, the color yellow will help with that. Such action includes a lot of soul searching, and if you're willing to do that to get through whatever it is that you need to get through, then good for you.

White and cream

These two colors are associated with one another because they both possess the ability to help calm you down. Whether you suffer from anxiety or not, it's completely normal to be nervous about certain things, such as a major test or a big task at work that you've been working at for a while. Aries are known for their boundless energy, so incorporating more white and cream hues into your life can help bring a more subdued energy.

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