2 Zodiac Signs Experiencing An Incredibly Lucky 'Emerald Year' In 2024

The planet Jupiter, known for bringing luck and abundance, spends time in these two signs throughout 2024.

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Coined by famed astrologer Susan Miller, the term 'emerald year' in astrology refers to the time Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, spends in a zodiac sign. Those experiencing an emerald year are the ones who may experience abundance in most aspects of their life.

2 zodiac signs experiencing a lucky ‘emerald year’ in 2024

For 2024, Jupiter will be in the signs of Taurus (from January - May 25th, 2024) and Gemini (from May 25th through next year), blessing these two signs with an emerald year.




Benefic planet Jupiter usually brings fresh starts, more income opportunities, career growth and even romance. Those with transiting Jupiter in their sun and rising sign may feel the effects the most.

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While you may face more of the same lessons from last year, you are ready for the next phase. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, knowledge, and expansion will continue to transit your sign until May 25, 2024.

In your career, you could achieve more clarity in the direction you want to go. You could finally begin projects that have been in the planning stages since Jupiter helps you research how to assemble the pieces efficiently.

During the remainder of this transit, you are going to trust yourself more, find more connections and strengthen existing relationships. If you neglected the messages from 2023’s Jupiter retrograde period, this is the year that Jupiter will continue to teach you. Now that the planet is direct, you could expect to take more pride in yourself and the work you create.


This is a reminder to be your biggest cheerleader and acknowledge your successes, even the smallest victories There is still plenty of opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and create magic until May. Jupiter wants you to feel confident, have fun and be there for yourself. With Saturn in Pisces, the transit is supportive, helping you to get things done, not get overwhelmed, and trust the process. 

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On May 25th, 2024, Jupiter will enter your sign, expanding communication and knowledge on a collective level, but this will expand and help you evolve as well.

When Jupiter squares Saturn a few times this year, it could be a transit that grounds you and puts many things in perspective. The focus during the challenging transit will be to believe in yourself and purpose and not give up. The Saturn square could make you take on more responsibilities as you navigate the transit. Take things slow and be patient.


However, Jupiter in your sign brings you a sense of optimism, creativity and new opportunities. It is a period where you could be more social and you may radiate a magnetic aura that attracts new friendships. Single Geminis could meet potential partners, and if you are in a relationship, you could see the bond with your partner transform.

Jupiter in your sign allows you to take your education to a new level. Your passion for learning could feel energizing during the transit and it could be beneficial in your career since people will notice your work. Going back to school or learning a new skill or even an art form could be something you start at this time.

Jupiter will want you to reflect, plan, and go full speed ahead. Nevertheless, you are still going to thrive as long as you remember to be there for yourself.


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