The Justice Tarot Card Meaning, Explained

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justice tarot card

While the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck won't predict what the future holds for you, consider these cards a guide for which path to take forward in your career, love life, and personal growth.

Justice is the eleventh Major Arcana card in the deck, and no matter what type of tarot readings you are doing, it can provide great insight.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

A tarot card can be drawn either upright or reversed. Depending on which occurs, there is a different meaning for each.

Upright meaning keywords: Justice, law, truth, honesty, life lessons, karmic justice

Reversed meaning keywords: Dishonesty, unfair treatment, imbalance, consequences

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The Justice tarot card appears when you need to take responsibility for your actions, and is often related to legal matters or disputes.

Generally, this card's meaning also symbolizes finding balance, being honest with yourself, learning from your mistakes, as well as fairness and inner truth.

The Justice tarot card represents fairness and balance, and trusting your intuition in matters of equality. When you see things with clarity, you can make a sound decision.

There is also a sense of cause and effect; this tarot card represents things working out appropriately or how we expect it to. In all types of readings, the Justice card suggests that you approach decisions with logic and thoughtfulness.

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a tarot card, and the Justice card relates to the Libra zodiac sign. Libra represents balance, love, harmony; they are known for keeping the peace, and the Libra symbol is the Scales.

Justice Card Description

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Justice card shows a woman sitting on a throne, holding a sword in her right hand and a scale in her left.

The sword represents a final decision, with the double-edged blade symbolizing the consequences of our actions, while the scales represent a balance of intuition and logic.

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Also notable is the crown the figure wears, which has a square on it, symbolizing orderly thoughts and impartiality when doling out justice.

Her clothing consists of a red cloak, with the tip of her white shoe revealing itself from underneath, a staunch reminder that there are always consequences for your actions.

The figure sits in front of a purple veil, which signifies empathy and compassion. She is also sitting between two pillars similar to those seen in the High Priestess card, which represents balance and law.

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Justice Upright Meaning

When you draw the Justice card in an upright position, it can mean that things are going to plan.

For instance, if you did something nice for someone and later on the favor was returned indirectly, even though you probably didn’t expect it, it was an appropriate response to your behavior.

An upright Justice card may also mean that you work well with others, having the ability to assess situations with fairness and righteousness. An upright Justice card could mean you are likely to win your case, specifically in terms of law.

Justice Reversed Meaning

When reversed, the warning is to be careful, since sometimes our emotions get the best of us.

However, a reversed Justice tarot card means there is a sense of unfairness and things not working out the way you expect.

For example, someone (or you) could do something unfair and unjust with little to no consequences, and the outcome was an inappropriate response you might not have expected.

Another meaning of this card in the reversed position relates to dishonesty, meaning that if you have lied your way out of a situation and gotten caught or called out, it is time to come clean and tell the truth.

The lesson of receiving Justice reversed is to accept the situation, decide how you will react to it, and take responsibility for any part you may have played in it.

Justice Meaning in Love & Relationships

When you draw this card in your tarot reading for love and relationships, it can relate to commitments and the justice system as a whole.

Love and Relationships: Upright Justice Meaning

For single individuals who draw this card, it means you have a relationship with someone who is in the justice system.

However, it most likely means that any imbalances in your love life will soon be corrected, or that there will be consequences for anyone who has made you feel bad about yourself.

For individuals in a relationship, the upright Justice card means seeing positive rewards for your commitment or that marriage may be in the future. Additionally, it can mean that the truth will soon be revealed if either partner has been unfaithful.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Justice Meaning

If you are single, when the Justice card appears reversed in a love reading, it means you are ready for a relationship.

But this card can also indicate that you are still clinging to your past relationships and are unable to move forward. Consider it a warning to retain your independence and not lose yourself in a relationship.

For individuals in a relationship, reversed Justice means consequences for any cheating within the partnership; arguments and fights with your partner will come to a head; you are being treated unfairly by your partner.

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Justice Meaning in Career

Whether drawn upright or reversed, in a career reading, the Justice card reveals the overall feeling of your workplace, as well as the direction of your career.

Career: Upright Justice Meaning

Receiving the Justice card upright can signify that any issues you've been having at work will resolve soon. And if work has been smooth sailing, this card means that you must account for your actions.

Additionally, an upright Justice tarot card means you need to find a proper work-life balance, as not doing so can lead to an unfulfilling personal life. Be sure to take time for yourself outside of your job, including spending more time with your loved ones.

Career: Reversed Justice Meaning

In a career reading, a reversed Justice card indicates you are experiencing unfair treatment at your job. But rather than acting out, you must remain calm and logical; otherwise, you will end up in an even worse situation.

Another interpretation is that you have been feeling guilt or shame because you've been lying about your career in some way. It's important to make a big change now and accept responsibility for your mistakes.

Justice Meaning in Finance

When the Justice card appears upright or reversed in a financial reading, it relates to your long-term and short-term financial situation.

Finance: Upright Justice Meaning

When drawn upright in a financial reading, the Justice card stresses the importance of maintaining balance with all things money-related.

Whether it's keeping your finances in check or making sure you are saving more than you spend, this card is all about being honest with yourself as it relates to your finances.

Another interpretation is that you are being given the go-ahead if you have any business dealings in the works.

Finance: Reversed Justice Meaning

If the Justice card appears reversed, it's a warning to exercise caution with giving out any of your financial information or money to other people. It's also a warning to avoid doing business or gambling that have risks associated with it.

For individuals who have been experiencing financial hardship, a reversed Justice card indicates that you have failed to take responsibility for how you landed in this situation.

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