The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning, Explained

The Lovers symbolizes needed changes.

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Just by reading tarot cards, you can discover things about your personal, romantic and professional lives. Among the 78 cards in a tarot deck, you'll certainly pull cards whose meaning isn't always apparent at first.

While tarot cards aren't going to predict your future, they can provide hints or clues to give you insight into your life. And one of those cards is the Lovers.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Upright meaning keywords: Harmony, love, complementary energy, attraction, big decisions, partnerships, desire, romance


Reversed meaning keywords: Disharmony, imbalance, coldness, disconnection, trust issues, fear of commitment, detachment

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The Lovers tarot card is the sixth of the Major Arcana cards, directly following the Hierophant, the Emperor, and the Empress.


When the Lovers card appears in a reading, it represents the relationships that mean the most to you, as well as a sort of crossroads you may experience in your love life.

This card also relates to the decisions you make, your core principles, as well as the perfect union, love, attraction, and harmony. This can indicate signs for finding balance within oneself, or indicating feelings of uncertainty about people in your life.

Whether you get a positive or negative tarot reading, the Lovers represent having two options and needing to decide between them. This decision may be between two people or an individual working out an inner-battle.

When the Lovers card is drawn, it typically means that you have a major choice to make. But depending on its position, it means different things.


The Lovers Card Description

Though there are many designs, the most popular of which comes from the Rider-Waite deck, the Lovers tarot card shows a naked woman and man. The nudity signifies a vulnerability and openness with one another.

Behind the couple is a landscape that is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Also present is an apple tree behind the woman (or the tree of knowledge), with a serpent coiled around the trunk, a devine reference to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the temptation of pleasure.

In addition, behind the man are traditionally 12 flames, which represents the 12 zodiac signs. However, the Lovers card is represented by zodiac sign Gemini.

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In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the man and woman are underneath the angel Raphael, who represents healing, though in other decks, there may be a lack of Raphael. Despite this, it does not retract or take focus away from the divine meaning of the Lovers card.

The man and woman look to one another under the guise of Raphael, of which the common interpretation of these details alludes to an unchangeable choice.

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The Lovers Upright Meaning

The Lovers facing upright represent an internal balance, learning your life values, and attaining harmony. The Lovers upright appearance indicates a strong bond between two people, whether it's in a marriage, romantic relationship, friendship, or other close partnership.


It's this bond that is exemplified in an upright position — the trust in this union is one that begets feelings of confidence and growth between two people. Each of the lovers, the man and woman, empower one another, which speaks to a union you may have in your own life.

At its core, however, an upright Lovers tarot card symbolizes an important choice.

There are choices you must make in your life, and you may be facing uncertainty with which path to choose. This card serves as a reminder that the easiest path is not always the correct one; you may need to face difficulty to ultimately make the right decision.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The Lovers card reversed points to dysfunction, including trust issues and conflict, disconnection and detachment, disharmony, and lack of accountability in your personal relationships.


This card indicates that you are struggling to take the blame for the poor decisions you have made. Maybe you are picking your partner or staying in your relationship because of their appearance or for money.

Reversed, the Lovers card is basically telling you to deal with your choices and to stop being so superficial.

But instead of feeling down about it, take the proper steps to let go of your past mistakes and bad choices. You should also think about your personal belief system and what you value most to make sure it's in line with your true desires.

Additionally, it's a warning to start taking responsibility for the choices you make, and to work on making better decisions in the future.


The Lovers Meaning in Love & Relationships

While tarot cards will help you make certain choices or decide which path to take, in a love reading, you won't get direct answers on subjects like when you will get married or how to leave a toxic relationship. The Lovers appearing in a love reading will help you tap into the answers that already live within your subconscious.

Love and Relationships: Upright Lovers Meaning

In a love reading, an upright Lovers card represents all the positives of a relationship: soulmates and kindred spirits, perfect unions and partnerships, sexual connections, and shared values.

No matter your relationship status, an upright Lovers card shows that commitment is important in any relationship you have, whether it's related to the workplace, family or friendship. And that commitment could be tested upon an important choice you need to make.

If you are single, it means that great love may be in your future, and it will be more than just physical attraction and lust. This is one of the best cards you can get for romance guidance.


If you are in a relationship, drawing this card could predict a rekindling of romance, leading to a deeper connection that may have been lacking before. You and your partner are set to be on the same wavelength in terms of mental and emotional connection.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Lovers Meaning

Reading the Lovers card reversed indicates that you are having a hard time accepting the decisions you have made. And in relation to love and relationships, it means there is disharmony and a break in balance.

The issues plaguing your relationship must be addressed head-on in order to move forward. You may also feel fearful of the future of your relationship, which requires sacrifice to make things work.

If you are single and receive the Lovers reversed, it means you may find love, but not in a timely manner. Or, it can represent the relationships of your past and why they were wrong for you.


If you end up with a reversed Lovers card and are in a relationship, it means that you and your romantic partner are not on the same wavelength where it matters most. One partner may be trying harder than the other, or trust issues may plague both of you, preventing progress.

Whatever the reason, these differences need to be resolved if the relationship is to survive.

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The Lovers Meaning in Career

When the Lovers is drawn during a career reading, its meaning can be either positive or negative depending on the cards that surround it, as well as its position. A career reading involving the Lovers relates to big decisions in the workplace, and approaching a crossroads in your life.


Career: Upright Lovers Meaning

An upright Lovers card in a career reading indicates harmony among the workplace, with a business partner, or with a coworker.

But it also indicates that there may be a romantic relationship forming with someone from the workplace. Be sure to weigh the risks that come with this relationship, as it could interfere with the success of your career.

At its core, this card represents a partnership. But it relates to coming to a crossroads where you may have the desire to change career paths.


Career: Reversed Lovers Meaning

Reversed, the Lovers appearing in a career reading means there is an imbalance among coworkers or business partners. This can manifest as one person taking on all the responsibility while the other sits back and doesn't put in the work required.

When this card appears, it also indicates the need to communicate with those you may be doing business with. This is so you can lay your ambitions and goals out on the table and discuss the direction you desire to go.

Additionally, the Lovers can mean that if you do, in fact, start up a relationship with a coworker, it might come back to bite you and end in serious consequences.

The Lovers Meaning in Finance

In a financial reading, the Lovers appearing relates to important decisions you'll make regarding money. Depending on the position, this could mean financial abundance, or financial threat.


Finance: Upright Lovers Meaning

An upright Lovers card means you have a big decision to think about regarding your expenses, one of which you won't be able to attain. This card also wants you to keep in mind that the path you do decide to take will have consequences.

When you draw the Lovers upright, it also means that now is the time to take advantage of financial opportunities that are presenting themselves to you.

Finance: Reversed Lovers Meaning

Reversed, the Lovers card is calling attention to the irresponsible choices you've been making regarding your finances. It indicates that you are making impulsive choices you may not be able to afford.

Additionally, this card is asking that you take responsibility for your choices, learn from your mistakes, and to stop seeking instant gratification through spending.


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