Are you letting your boyfriend treat you with less respect and consideration than your friends do?


It is interesting to note that many women will tolerate poor behavior or boredom in their romantic relationships, yet they are unwilling to do so in their friendships. What would you do if a friend did the following?

* Lied to you
* Belittled you
* Forgot your birthday
* Drank too much
* Preferred the company of other friends to you
* Did not make an effort to spend time with you

Does this ring a bell for you? Would you maintain a friendship like this? Would you end the friendship? Sadly, too many women set the bar higher for their friendships than their romantic relationships. Why do you think women do this? Have you ever done this? Any advice? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please leave a comment here or over on our blog:

We will share your comments (confidentially–no names, no details) in an upcoming post. Thanks. Anne and Jen


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