Weekly Cancer Love Horoscope

Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020

Cancer, it’s been a year full of feelings and emotions, and having to stay home. At first it sounds like an ideal situation for Cancer, who tend to be homebody introverts, but that’s only true if home is someplace that actually feels like home.

From May until now, you’ve been thinking about the choices that are coming up in terms of your home and family, or even how you define what that means. It’s not enough to just listen to what others tell you to expect, because it doesn’t mean it will be fulfilling.

For you, however, even though this Eclipse will be powerful, this is not your moment of action or fruition. You will have some deep realizations and powerful truths to push you towards the decision your heart has already made.

But that point of seeing what all this means won’t come until the final Cancer Moon at the end of December. Until then, keep your eyes open and ask the questions of others and yourself that you’re usually too scared to ask.

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