Weekly Cancer Horoscope

May 17, 2021 - May 23, 2021

If you find yourself doing some heady inner work, it's because this week is really going to be affected by Jupiter in Pisces - in your 9th house, which influences thought, intuition and philosophy.

It's a week for spiritual growth, and you've probably felt it coming, too. There's something in your life that just isn't working, and it could be your relationship - a thing nobody really wants to admit needs change.

And yet, this week is a mind-opener; it WANTS you to see more. It WANTS you to change...but change to what? Or who? That's what that intuition is about, Cancer - listen to it! In a way, the week is about the past - the recent past.

You can't even concentrate on what's going on today because you have that 'thing' on your mind and it probably has to do with something your partner/person said or did...and it was a no-no, a deal-breaker.

Now, you're dealing with that reality. The answer is within you - use your spiritual smarts to unlock those realizations; give yourself something solid to work with.

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