Yearly Aquarius Tarot Card Reading


Past: Ace of Pentacles, reversed

Holding on to your money showed you that, yes, you have money. It also showed you that money is worthless if it just sits around being counted, and that's what you feel you've done with it. You have accumulated money and it's given you a good feeling of security. Still, you are also not experiencing much else in life, or rather, this is what your experience of 2023 has brought you. You see this as stagnant, almost stale.

Present: The Hermit

You feel that this year has you on your own, and that's just fine with you. While you have so many goals and dreams, you are also engaged in a project that demands you spend a lot of time doing research. You need solitude for the sake of getting it done. Getting it done will be a first for you, as you tend to put things off. 2024 shows you that you really can accomplish greatness and that you have the stamina to hang in there and 'git 'er done.'

Future: The Hanged Man

This card only means that the solitude you seek pays off for you in some very personal ways. This implies that you will always be the outsider, the person who thinks on their own and takes in very little suggestion from others. You are not closed-minded by any means, but you do trust yourself before you trust and listen to the opinions of others. Your success is based on what you believe, and you are and always will be a true individual, unique and singularly talented.

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