Why Reality TV Shows Are The Worst Place To Look For Lasting Love

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Why relationships found on shows like 'The Bachelor' almost never succeed.

While many guys and gals are game to expose their desire for love —  and more  to an audience of potentially millions, it seems that very few actually meet their match on television shows like The Bachelor.

As a relationship mentor and psychologist and matchmaker for many years, this comes as no surprise.

Because unfortunately, it would seem that the meaning of commitment and marriage has been lost in translation.

From my brief experience being considered as a potential ‘expert’ for one of the early 'meet your match and marry' shows, I know that the focus then was not on likely compatibility. The aim was to attract and hold the attention and interest of a large viewing audience.

Where I perceived an obvious ‘mismatch’, those selecting saw rating and dollar signs $$.

Unfortunately, this seems to be even more the case these days, especially when couples are expected to meet, wed, and bed in front of a camera in fewer than 24 hours.

For those participants who genuinely attempt to make a relationship work in front of a camera, it must be very disappointing if they fail to do so. Yet to have so-called ‘intimacy’ knowing it is entertainment for all the world to see must be almost mission impossible.

Commitment to marriage is a major decision in anyone’s life, even for compatible couples who have dated and shared a breadth of life experiences together over many months  if not years.

Surely it should come as no surprise that only one of the couples wed immediately after being introduced on a popular television show in Australia has chosen to stay together thus far.

Indeed, from my point of view, their compatibility and commitment are more likely due to chance rather than any expertise of those involved in bringing them together.

Unfortunately, these days I think that there is deliberate mismatching of some, if not all, of the couples in such shows in order to create interest and drama.

However, even if potentially compatible, the extreme pressure of initiating and attempting to develop intimacy in a new relationship for all to see must dramatically reduce its likelihood of lasting.

Currently, in some "meet your match" shows, unlikely candidates for living happily-ever-after are expected after but a few hours to share a bed with a camera for the company, and for all the world to see.

What is amazing is that those participating are already aware that this is likely to be their experience if chosen.

If you are game and seek fame rather than lasting love, revealing your talent  and more —  on such a show could be a fun way to go.

While you may expose your body, I suggest you protect your heart.

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