5 Cheap Date Night Ideas (For When You Want Romance On A Budget)

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cheap date night ideas

This size of your bank account shouldn't determine the amount of fun you have.

It doesn't take an unlimited income to have an amazing date. And whether you've been together a few months or a decade, some of the best date ideas barely cost any money at all.

These cheap date night ideas are just as memorable and special as their more pricey counterparts. So don't waste any more time. Here are five dates to try with your sweetheart, and they won't cost you all that much.

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1. Shop together and make dinner at home.

Shopping? Yes! Buying food and cooking it yourself is much cheaper than dining at a restaurant, and it's more fun! Decide on a recipe (nothing too complicated) and hit the grocery store or farmers market together.

Back at the house, open up a bottle of wine and get down and dirty in the kitchen. Cooking a meal together is a bonding experience and you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself much more than if you were at a stuffy restaurant.

2. Hit a dive bar.

Going to a fancy bar or restaurant for appetizers and drinks might seem like the most cost effective option, but you still end up paying a lot of money. Grab a seat at a dive bar or pub and order up two beers.

These types of places often have friendly service and free snacks. Even better? If there is a pool table or dart board, challenge your date to a little friendly competition.

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3. Go pumpkin picking.

With Autumn setting in, there are tons of great cheap date night ideas for having fun during the fall, and pumpkin (and apple) picking is one of the best. But don't just grab the fruit and run.

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the orchard and then bring your apples home and make cider or a pie together while watching a football game (or one of your favorite movies).

4. Have a movie night.

The standard "dinner and a movie" date can easily run over $100 for two people. Save your money and plan a movie night at home. Settle on a DVD you've both been eyeing and don't forget the movie snacks: popcorn or the candy you only eat while you're in the theater (we won't tell).

​5. Get outdoors.

With the temperatures dropping, you'd better take advantage of any time outside while you can. Go for a hike and admire the beauty of the seasons as they change, or if you're lucky enough to live by the beach, bundle up and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Nature is full of romantic and cheap date night ideas, if only you take the time to look around and notice.

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